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Hello everyone! Happy monday! :3

And since it's Monday, it's updates time! And yes, I was able to read ahead again today even though I'm mostly sick. haha.

Without further ado, for the manga we have:

  • Relife (219)
  • Noblesse (498)
  • Haikyuu!! (290)
  • The Gamer (210)
  • Shokugeki no Souma (251)
  • One Piece (895)
  • Fruits Basket Another (1-7.2)


  • Dragon Ball Super (128)

1. Relife

In Relife, we see Onoya approaching Hishiro this time, and she notices that Hishiro is looking at Kaizaki. Hishiro muses that Yoake seems very close with him, and Onoya explains that he is a new hire in the support division.


Hishiro says nothing more but she clearly seems to be wondering something.


Kaizaki was tasked to check out the place to make sure nothing was left over. After doing that, he goes out and finds nobody else left other than Hishiro who tells him that they already went to the next meeting.


Apparently Hishiro was given the task to lead the way for the new hire. Lol! It's clearly a set up made by the other two. hahaha. Those two supports.. Making sure that these two get some time alone together. :3

It seems that Kaizaki wasn't really planning to go to the next meeting since he has to study stuff and wake up early, so he apologizes, but Hishiro turns out to be in the same boat.

They were about to part ways then and have already turned their backs, but suddenly Hishiro called out to him to ask him if he was really a previous test subject like everyone said. He confirms it.


He explains that he wanted a job more aligned to his strengths so he applied at Relife. Hishiro then tells him that she too was a test subject two years ago, but was a fail one so she took two years to complete her experiment.


It turns out that she also couldn't choose a job, so Onoya recommended Relife to her. Lol. They then exchange sentiments that they had not known that there were other test subjects apart from themselves. That was when Kaizaki mentioned that they might have gone to the same school.


Hishiro was so surprised at the very vague memory and her head started to throb a little. Kaizaki told her that he can't help but think that he'd seen her smiling face before. Then he realizes the time and tells her that he has to go. Hishiro seemingly gets the urge to ask his number just before he finishes his goodbye.

give phone

She asks it in her roundabout way just like when she first asked him back then, so this time, it is Kaizaki's turn to have a vague glimpse of a memory, and this makes him go "huh". ;3 However, I'm not sure if it was what Hishiron said that made him go "huh", or the fact that she asked for his phone, which back then he thought she might be extorting from him. XD

On the other hand, we have these two..

Images of Relife were taken from whiteoutscans.com

2. Noblesse

Noblesse (498)
Franky was doing his usual sarcastic taunting, while the third elder ascertained that Franky's abilities were disrupting the guards' regeneration. Finally, the first elder admits that it must be the dark spear and he asks how Franky could possibly have it.

Franky answers him simply.

After putting two and two, it dawns on the first elder then that Franky is..

The first and third elder were surprised that Franky is still alive till now. They then assume that he made a deal with the Nobles in exchange for almost eternal life. Franky doesn't seem too happy with their assumptions but leaves it to them.

And such the truth is revealed. Apparently the union's data were mostly based off Franky's own research data before, and he destroyed those when they planned to kill him and steal his data. The dark spear on the other hand, the union handed to Franky because they could not control it, but after Franky seemed to have controlled it, they wanted to take it back, which Franky then had obliged just so they wouldn't create a new dark spear.

The first elder however does not believe him.

We then see a flashback of when the union was asking Franky to help them with their research on regenerative abilities, and they ask it on the clause of helping humans. After some time, it seemed that the union were doing shady things.


We also see Franky's anger when they showed him the dark spear that they created.


The dark spear had so much power that prompts Franky to the conclusion that it wasn't merely hundreds, but thousands or tens of thousands of lives that went into the dark spear and when he asked about it, apparently it was from wars and epidemics.


Franky was still enraged because he knew they were lying. Wars and epidemics were something that union had a part in. They were making it themselves. And at that time, there were two elders, the only two of them that were really acting for the sake of humans, that Franky had asked to look into things for him, which is how he found out that they were using his data for other experiments. Those two were devoured by the dark spear. The other union elders passed it off as an accident when they were trying to control the power, but most probably, they did it on purpose. They sent those two on purpose because they always got into arguments over things like what they were doing. The two may have sacrificed their lives for the sake of humans, but the others probably stood by and just watched them get devoured.

We then see Franky reaching out to the dark spear to try to take control of it.


And then it was back to the present with an infuriated Franky and a Rai who seemed concerned for him (though he may not look it).

Images of Noblesse were taken from mangareader.net

3. Haikyuu!!

Continuing from when Hinata saved the ball, they do an attack which was blocked, but by some awesome plays, they managed to return it.


Inari however is not to slack off, as the twins lauch their quick-minus tempo which was so awesomely timed like how Kageyama and Hinata usually do it.




Just as the ball hits the ground, and the line man signs that it's on the line, the spectators watching from tgeir screens and those in the audience that have been watching for Karasuno all seemed to be holding their breath as they watched the match finally come to a close.


Finally, finally! Match end! And the winner? Of course!

We hear the sentiments of Tsukishima and the twins just as the chapter closes.


Images of Haikyuu were taken from readhaikyuu.com

4. The Gamer

Shiyeon finally responds to Jihan that she agrees with him, however, she motions that the guild leader definitely seemed to be in her right mind, ergo, she was not being controlled or anything, therefore it meant that what she said was true and that the entire guild was already integrated with the Church of Masks.


Jihan then mentions that the part about being happy doesn't seem right, and Shiyeon agrees with him. He contemplates asking the head of cheonjidang, but Shiyeon says that someone else would be better.


She explains that since the abyss auctions deals with all kinds of things and is a large organization equivalent to the ninth gate, they probably have the most extensive information.

Jihan begins trying to get in contact with him through email. Shiyeon wasn't so sure he would respond, but Jihan tells her that he will and that they've even met before. Shiyeon tells him that it is strange.


Shiyeon also notes that what's stranger is whether he was worth visiting at that time. We know that Jihan was much weaker then, and he knew little of the abyss. So she makes a good point. Again, Jihan agrees with her on this.


Following the current storyline, we know this person that Mahyeon was referring to was the Harem King. Jihan knows this, but it doesn't really make sense yet since he has never met the Harem King. I kinda wonder who he is. I was always under the impression that it was Jihan's father. XD

Anyways, right after that panel, Jihan and Shiyeon hear the doorbell. Loo and behold, it was Mahyeon himself. So quick to respond to Jihan. Lol.

They begin conversing in an ID with the time difference of tenfold. And Mahyeon tells him that information about the Church of Masks is expensive. Jihan asks for the specifics of the price. Mahyeon tells him that he wants Jihan to make something for him, explaining that Jihan's powers are special.


Mahyeon cites the example of when Jihan recovered the stamina of Seongon Hwan who uses a special power. That feat involved having to overcome Hwan's power to an extent, which implies that Jihan was able to do this and more. Since Hwan's power belongs to the negative dimension, Jihan being able to recover some of his power meant that Jihan was able to draw from that same negative dimension. Basically his intention was this.


Jihan asks if it will be harmful to him but even Mahyeon does not know. He ponders about it for a bit until Mahyeon says something peculiar.


Her? So is it his mom? I was always under the impression that his mom was a weird entity. Maybe her mom is Gaia herself? XD okay, big leap. Hahaha. I'm just sure that his mom is something, since at the beginning, her info were hidden from Jihan.

Anyways, the hint Mahyeon gave him was this.


Mahyeon leaves after telling Jihan to contact him if he wants more information. Shiyeon and Jihan then discuss about this Loneliness thing, and come to the assumption that it is a spell based on emotions.

Images of The Gamer were taken from mangatown.com

5. Shokugeki no Souma

The battle was down to the last card, Takumi vs Rindou, and it seems that they were approaching the climax of their cooking when suddenly...


It seems that Azami wants to be the chief and sole judge, taking the place of the current three judges. But Anne explains to him that they have the responsibility of seeing the match to its end, and that one judge is simply not fair and is against the ideals of the WGO. And with this, Azami brings in two other people.


These two are apparently two of the most respected officers of WGO, as Anne puts it. Decora tells that it's cold to put it that way when in fact they were the ones who trained Anne.


After making fun of Anne, even dragging Nene and Tadokoro into it, saying that her previous frumpiness is the result of the two girls when averaged. Rindou on the other hand, did not like the idea of Azami butting in, but Azami declares that even Senzaemon agreed to this setup.

Azami wanted to taste his daughter's cooking, and it seems that he is holding a grudge.


that really rude dude was you, Souma. XD

Anyway, Anne agrees to the new setup on one condition, that one of the current judges should also be part in the new judges' deliberation. The new judges then take their places, and the rebels are making a fuss, because well, who wouldn't? That panel seems to be all for the enemy. Souma had a different idea though. He calls the event 'lucky'.


Rindou was still making a fuss, but channeling all of that into her cooking. Takumi however seems to just be watching her. It seems that Megishima told him something before the round started.


Takumi doesn't really get it, which is why he has been observing her. I don't really get it just yet either, but to me, Rindou is mostly a free-spirit, so maybe something doesn't sit right by her? Anyway, Takumi doesn't seem to sense anything until...

Eventually, Rindou finishes and is ready to serve her dish and tells Aldini that it ain't the time to be dawdling.

Images of Shokugeki no Souma were taken from readshokugeki.com

6. One Piece

Luffy went into Gear Fourth, Snakeman.


Just as I suspected, one of its main abilities is being faster, but in addition to that, it doesn't just move in straight lines, pretty much like snakes, just more angled, and this catches Katakuri off-guard for a while, but eventually he gets it.


but though he gets how it moves now, he can't completely dodge or block it since it accelerates as it moves.

However, Katakuri manages to hit Luffy with a "Diced Mochi" attack, which Luffy got stuck to.


Katakuri slams Luffy down, thought it did hurt it, but Luffy is more concerned about the fact that he is hungry now. Luffy tells Katakuri to fall already, and they started exchanging blows again.


As they went back and forth on this, eventually, they both launch a strong move intending to finish the other.


We need to see the next chapter in order to know who won in that one, or if there is even a winner yet. XD Though since they have been at it for a while already, maybe next chapter will be the deciding one.

Images of One Piece were taken from mangalife.us

7. Fruits Basket Another

So, as I said last time, I wanted to read the sequel to Fruits Basket, and so I did. It was called Fruits Basket Another. They say it occurs after Tohru has graduated, but clearly it occurs when Tohru and the rest are old enough to have teenage kids. Anyway, I'm not gonna put pictures here, but just slightly summarize the basic happenings.

The story follows a girl named Mitoma Sawa, who was very shy and introverted and had no friends because apparently, she feels like she bothers everyone around her ever since of a childhood incident where her then friends rejected her, added to the fact that her mother totally considered her incapable and useless. Because of this, she grows up with no self-confidence and constantly apologizes. She was apologizing to a teacher when she met Souma Mutsuki, it was never really stated, but clearly he is the son of Yuki and Machi. Evidence of this is the fact the the teacher complied to his request to overlook Sawa's tardiness out of reverence to Mutsuki's father, which was adored by that teacher greatly when he was still a student at the same school. Mutsuki then tells her to come to the student council office afterwards.

She goes to class then and her teacher is Hanajima Megumi, who was still in around middle school during the first Fruits Basket, and was the younger brother of Hanajima Saki, Tohru's bestfriend. Either way, he totally looks great, but still that mostly despondent guy. Can't believe he became a teacher. Lol.

When she goes to the Student Council, it seemed empty, but her first steps inside lands her on Souma Hajime's face, who is the spitting image of Kyo. :3 At this, she apologizes and runs away, but Mutsuki only witnesses the running away part.

The next day, she is about to be late again because her landlady has stopped her again to ask about her mother who has not paid the rent. Mutsuki passes by and distracts the landlady with his sparkly-ness, while Hajime pulls Sawa to get away. She thanks them and declares she will do anything to repay them.

In turns out the payment was to be the 1st yr representative, which Kageyama Ruriko, the head of the Souma fan club, came to inform her about, with all the rest of the fangirls flocking about.

She runs to the council room, and finds out that Hajime is the president, Mutsuki is the vice pres. It was at this point that she accepts the position thanks them for the chance. She also meets the council treasurer at one point.

She meets a few other Soumas, Riku and Sora, who turned out to be twins, and are most definitely Haru and Rin's children. It's the hair and the looks. I don't know where Sora got her personality though.

Anyways, at one point in the story, we find out that Mutsuki is messy like his father AND mother. Lol. And that Hajime is very devoted to his mother (well, we're talking about Tohru here), and tends to act like a big bro very often (quite like how Tohru often acts like a mom/big sis to other people).

I don't really remember what happens after 7.2 because i can't find any continuations for the translated manga. I would love to finish this though. I heard it's only 3 volumes.

8. Dragon Ball Super

Jiren says that no matter how many weaklings gather, they can do nothing against absolute strength, scoffing at Vegeta's declaration that he will push Jiren off.

Vegeta tells him that Jiren's confidence pisses him off, and he tries to power up, but it stops abruptly, clearly showing that he is out of steam. Still he punches away, but as Krillin observes, there is no power behind them. Jiren tells him to throw himself off, and when Vegeta refused (for who would agree to that??), Jiren punches him, sending him tumbling down onto a lopsided piece of arena, hanging for his dear life.


At that point, Vegeta refuses to lose and then begins to reminisce,

The last memory was of him holding Bulla. :3 Tsundere.

He stands up again and faces Jiren, and the Universe 7 audience cheers him on, but Jiren just punches him away again. Still he continues to fight on. Such stubborn will to fight! He's clearly getting pummeled. Vegeta even says that his punches are so heavy that it feels like his body is shattering.


He stands yet again only to be sent flying by one quick punch from Jiren. He almost falls off this time because he is mostly unconscious.


But he is brought back to consciousness with Bulma's memory calling him.

At this, Jiren is prompted to ask him what exaactly is driving him to go further. But Vegeta smirks as he answers him "Who knows?" Declaring that someone as emotionless as Jiren would never understand what it feels like to protect something.

Vegeta manages to launch yet another Final Flash despite running on fumes.


But it doesn't even scratch Jiren. Finally, Jiren punches him one last time, this time really sending him off the stage. When Vegeta realizes that he really can't keep his promise, he leaves it all to Goku, sending some power off to him before he drops out.

Everyone commends Vegeta over at the stands as he wakes up after eaing an Senzu bean, but always the Tsundere, he merely hmpfs at them. Haha.

Jiren questions the faith they put in Goku, because he believes that trust begets nothing, but Goku simply replies, "You really think so?"

Still, Goku in Super Saiyan Blue form is not enough to beat Jiren. It's basically setting up a flag for the Ultra Instinct's perfection to happen. Atleast, this appears to be the only way Goku can win in this fight. Goku getting pushed back and constantly getting hit also support the flag for the Ultra Instinct.


And just as I called it. The flag was reached. As Jiren lands his punch, it lands on air because Goku seemingly vanishes. Not only that, Jiren starts trying to punch Goku, but fails. Goku however, lands a clean strong hit on him.


Everyone on the audience is chattering away, bet it Universe 7 or 11, those on 7 are glad for it, while those on 11 are either freaking or in awe. There was a mention that perhaps Goku has finally perfected it this time.


2 minutes left. 2 more episodes til end. Who will be left?

Of course we're all cheering for Goku right? Otherwise it's the end for this series, right? Actually, it would be the end for the entire franchise, unless Universe 7 is somehow revived. XD

Did you like the updates for this week??

My favorite was Relife's. :3 You may not get the whole story from just that update, so I definitely recommend reading from the start because it really is a great story that will tug away at your heartstrings. (i think i used this same phrase last week to describe Fruits Basket XD)

Anyways, that's all for me this week! Tune in again next week for the next parts!

Thanks for reading,

See you and Good day, Steemians! :3

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I love relife!!!!
I hope to see a complete anime soon.
The first season was great! :)
Its sad to see it end though... :(

tbh, I haven't really watched the anime. Have always followed the manga. But I will definitely watch the anime when its complete. X3 totally love the story here

Guess I need to read the manga!
Maybe the anime would never be completed...the way I see it, The anime didn't make any headlines when it came out so....
Great post! I followed you...I need to keep up with anime stuff!

many animes never really do get completed. It's a little sad, really. But good thing there is manga or light-novel translations. Light novels trans can be pretty difficult to find sometimes though, depending on popularity. But many good animes came from light novels. so if you've never tried those, I recommend! For instance, Classroom of Elite is a pretty awesome anime, and it's great read as a light novel. Translations aren't far yet though.
Thanks! I update every monday. :3

Thanks for pointing me towards light novels, I've read manga but never read a light novel so far!
I thinks its about time i give it a try...
Waiting for it on monday! :))))

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wow that's quite a comprehensive take on the anime :)