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We're up to our 17th post about manga and anime. :3 I feel like this post has been evolved so much from how it was originally written. XD

But anyway, I really love sharing about them, so that if I find any undervalued manga or anime, maybe I could atleast give them some appreciation they deserve. :3

So for this week, whew, we have a whole load of manga,

  • Relife (221)
  • Baby Steps (307)
  • Chihayafuru (193-194)
  • Noblesse (500)
  • Skip Beat (255-256)
  • The Gamer (212)
  • Haikyuu!! (292)
  • One Piece (896)
  • Shokugeki no Souma (253)

And for anime, as usual,

  • Dragon Ball Super (129)

1. Relife

And what do you think is going on in this scene?


So this happens after Hishiro and Kaizaki finally recognize each other and they sit on a park bench in the middle of the night. I seem to recall that they both wanted to go home early to study stuff, but well, priorities. :3

As expected, Kaizaki didn't really think that Hishiro was a test subject as well. Hishiro asks him if he was disappointed that the high school girl he spent so much time with was actually a 29 year old woman.


Kaizaki turns out to be almost 29 right now, so yeah, he's younger by a year. haha. With this, he tells her that it's a shock to find all these out all of a sudden. This made Hishiron wonder if Kaizaki hates her, thought he told her that he loves her, but she was in her high school form then, and it couldn't be helped that she had to hide her real age, so if he comes to dislike her, she said she would understand.

Of course, Kaizaki tells her that he likes the adult and younger version of her just the same.
older prettier
I agree that she's definitely loads prettier now.

He tells her of what he felt then, having to hold back because he thought she was still a high school girl, he had to practice a lot of self-control, but now he can hold her without feeling guilty of it, and now he can talk to her about things he couldn't back then. Tbh, it's a win-win situation that she's an adult like him, otherwise, it may not have been possible to reunite. Haha.

He tells her he loves her, and asks her to go out with him again, and hence we go back to the panel I showed earlier. Lol, being shy at this point because:
Of course they end up going out. :3

The next day was workday, Yoake informs Kaizaki that he has chosen a subject for him this time, because he didn't have enough time to choose his own. As he look over the files Yokae gave him on the test subject, he exclaims, because he knows the subject. It's Ohga's older brother who became a shut-in! I'm positive!

Onoya tells her to grab the pills from the medical department, which would allow him to see his girlfriend as well. XD On his way to the department, he muses that those were probably the ones who set them up last night and that they have lots to talk about so they should go drinking together at some point. When he gets to the Research Division (called it btw, Hishiro really did end up in the Research Division, she's good at that anyway), he announces himself as from the Support Division.

Hishiro was the one to give him the pill, and she talks to him about the subject, because she was also there when the incident with Ohga's brother happened. She tells him to please take care of him, but since it's him, she was confident that he can help the subject.


I wonder how he's gonna talk to him? The guy doesn't go out. Is Kaizaki gonna climb in through the window? Hahahaha! Anyway, looking forward to seeing how this goes.

Images of Relife were taken from whiteoutscans.com

2. Baby Steps

Continuing with Ei-chan and Asano's match, last time Asano stepped up to the court which caught Ei-chan off-guard. Despite this, Ei-chan was still able to respond with his strategies and good reflexes. They volley for a bit until Asano hits a course that even Ei-chan could not fully account for.

miss out

Because it was a tight course, it resulted in an out for Asano, giving Ei-chan the set point. With this, Ei-chan surmises that Asano will go for a wide, though he is not yet sure which wide. It turned out to be a wide slice, and Ei-chan was able to prepare for it. The next was a flat-like slice which despite being new to Ei-chan, he was able to return it.


Asano pushes him back, which Ei-chan had expected, because he was thinking that Asano will want to go up the net and he did. In this position, Ei-chan hits a slice lob.

This allows Ei-chan to move up to the net as well. Feeling pressured by this, because such a situation would make him lose his advantageous position, Asano aims at Ei-chan feet, but this results in..


As such, Ei-chan wins the 1st set. Yes, its just the first set. Lol.


Amazed with Ei-chan, Asano challenges him with all kinds of hits and patterns.


P.S. there was actually another update, but it showed up much later after I've read it, so I'll include it next week instead.

Images of Baby Steps were taken from mangahere.com

3. Chihayafuru

It seems that I may have missed Chihayafuru's updates! So now, I'm gonna read two in one go. I'll try to make it short but still encompass the story so far.

Chapter 193 opens with Arata practicing his university interview. Lol. He's adooowwwwable! :3 Albeit, not many university's would go for such an interview as this:


He goes home contemplating what his sensei said about communicating the kind of unique student he can be without fear and stuttering. He finds his mom at home, who tells him that she has taken out the kimono and will take the day off to go with him to the challenger finals. It's quite the expense for them, but she wanted to take this chance to go because it might be her last chance. She mentions how she would have wanted his grandfather to come. Also, it turns out that the kimono is his grandfather's.


Meanwhile, apparentely Shinobu has been showing up on tv shows other than the last. She has charm is what I think. The kind that works on tv.


Momo, the one who will be going against Chihaya in the match, seems to have a lot of trouble getting along with Shinobu. But as they were going home, she asks Shinobu why she is insistent on appearing on tv. Shinobu reveals that it is for money because she wants to buy a Snowmaru kimono for the finals. Haha. Momo then suggest visiting the company's sales department.

They do so and present a proposal for the company to be Shinobu's sponsor for kimono's. She seems quite the capable presenter, btw. They were happy with the proposal, but this is when they mention that Shinobu seems to actually have another sponsor already, one in relation to Shinobu's mom. Momo discusses this with Shinobu and after mentioning Shinobu's lack of a coat, Shinobu tells her it is because Snowmaru doesn't have a coat merchandise yet. She notices Shinobu is wearing all-snowmaru merchandise.

This was also when Shinobu reveals that she envies Momo because she is good at karuta and is smart, because she is going to be a doctor. And we see, at this point, Momo reveals how dark she really is.

The focus is then shifted to Chihaya practicing with Inokuma. There are times when they take a break because Inokuma's baby Midori cries, so she has tot ake care of it, and Chihaya uses the chance to study. She notices how despite the disruption,


They finish the practice and go to pick up Inokuma's other two children. This is when they talk about how Inokuma feels that her life back when she was in high school was like she is riding a super fast car, but now she is riding a family geared car. But she also muses that probably 20 years from now, she will see her 35 yr old self as also riding a super car. And she tells Chihaya to keep lsiting to the starting sounds, because..


Arata's real interview happens, and he wasn't stuttering at all. He tells them about how his grandfather was the meijin until his dementia kicked in. I must say, they seemed absorbed with his story-telling.


Also, if you will notice, Pokemon Go is also mentioned here. XD ahh, manga, really trying their best to connect to the audience.

I was wondering why his father was the one with him, and it turns out that his mom became sick with fever. His father tells him to just take her out next time because there will definitely be a next time. Yes, there will, because Arata will be the meijin! :3

Meanwhile, Kana has finally finished her research on wjat best for Chihaya to war during the match. Lol.

It is the match day, and tbh, i hate Taichi's current haircut. XD then again, so be it, coz Arata all the way. :3 Now mving on to the next chapter, apparently everyone was shocked by the haircut. Lol. But these two in particular,

Anyway, putting the haircut from his gradeschool days aside, this a monumental day. Every Chihayafuru fan would know. After all that, at one point, each of them stopped playing for a moment, but now this day has come. :3


Momo seems troubled about the kimono because it probably feels hot. Chihaya tried to copy Harada-sensei's gesture of eating air. Arata seems amazed by the haircut. And Taichi told a surprised Suou that if he wins, he has a request for Suou. Tsk. Noooooo. You cant win. Nooooo.

Arata then realizes that Taichi probably views him as a stepping stone, while he himself, all along, had also viewed Taichi as a stepping stone too. This seems to be quite troubling for him.

Anyway, the match has started, Taichi and Chihaya get the first card. Taichi declares that he will win by 4 cards, because that's the number of cards Arata won by during their grade school match. Arata is really troubled.

Meanwhile, Suou is already seated inside and is thinking that Taichi and Chihaya are doing great. There is also this blooper.


And Shinobu... is riding the Shinkansen train for the first time. XD


Images of Chihayafuru were taken from mangapark.com

4. Noblesse

Noblesse starts with a flashback to a conversation with Muzaka where he was saying that he isn't suited as lord of the werewolves, and that many hate him. Franky asks why he just doesn't hand the position to someone else, but Muzaka tells him it is not that simple. (Remember that position belongs to whoever is strongest, and Muzaka is clearly that) Then Franky asks him why doesn't he just do what the others want him to do, but he tells him that this is just his way of protecting them.

Back to the present, Rai has...unleashed his wings of blood. Take note that this time, he is already wearing the black garb of the Nobles and has both wings. Hmm. The first and third elder wonder who he is, and the first elder thinks he is the lord, but the third elder tells him that the nobles lord is female. And I just remembered that he was infused with Muzaka's power, so yeah, I guess that's why he has two wings again.

Apparently he seems to be eyeing the first elder's weapon of destruction.

arma break

The first elder feels his power growing and realizes what Rai is doing. Pretty amazing, if you ask me, since he's doing it without actually using his hands or launching an attack. Anyway, the first elder freaks out.

Of course Franky won't just stand still and watch them attack Rai right? He goes and blocks the big man. The others however, go right for Rai, but, aha! This man ain't your typical foe. P.S. He looks hot and fierce. :3


They don't really stand a chance. Can you just imagine how strong he would be if he and Muzaka didn't have that fight hundreds of years ago? sigh It's all those traitor nobles and werewolves fault. Technically, more on the werewolves' side though. And also, if he didn't have that fight with his twin even way back. Basically means he is supposedly crazy strong.

But all along, what was on Rai's mind this entire time... Was how he will protect the werewolves with the power Muzaka gave him. With that, he destroys the armageddon.


The first elder isn't very happy, of course. Recalling Muzaka's foe back then who seemed to be an equal match to Muzaka, they finally realize who Rai is: Noblesse.

5. Skip Beat

Kyoko still thinks that Ren is in love with Kimiko. False! Tsk. But these feelings of jealousy clearly aided her in her portrayal as Momiji in the current scene with the second Chidori candidate.


I think that Kuresaki liked that portrayal, though she did cry. Hahaha. But he definitely wants to see more, which is why he changed the scene for the last Chidori candidate.

Kyoko went over to Moko-chan and Yashiro and told them what happened, how she cried and how Kuresaki didn't say anything about the acting but just asked him to act with the next candidate as well. Moko-chan and Yashiro were surprised when they heard which scene. But as for the director, he concluded the reason for the change.


He also goes on to say that the most difficult decision for Kuresaki himself is not for the role of Momiji, but for the role of Chidori.

Meanwhile Erika is still watching Kimiko.


In chapter 256, we don't get to see the other acting anymore, but we directly have this panel.


Kyoko was happy of course, but then she asks who was cast as Chidori. Upon hearing the answer, she was crestfallen. Obviously, it wasn't her huh. Actually, I had the thought that it might not be her. In Kyoko's scene with Asahina, I definitely thought that she did great acting as Chidori. Kyoko tried to contact Moko-chan, but she does not answer.

Erika is also still watching out for Kimiko and had asked her other two guards to watch over Kyoko.

Meanwhile, Kyoko continues to question why Moko-chan didn't get the part while she did. Yashiro tries to explain to her the possible reasons. And Kyoko then panics, asking if it was her fault because Moko-chan was taller than her and Chidori is supposedly shorter than Momiji. Yashiro tells her that would have been okay with some effects, but tells her that it was probably more of an overall air while acting. Asahina probably was closer to the Chidori everyone envisions, because Moko-chan seemed more mature and sharp than Chidori should be. But Kyoko begs to differ. XD


Eventually Yashiro manages to calm her down when he told her that many people probably also think that Moko-chan's real talent and skill went unnoticed here, but there would definitely be more doors opening for her, just like how Kyoko managed to make it all the way to where she is now. And that Moko-chan will probably bounce back from this with an even fiercer will to get a bigger and better role.


Images of Skip beat! were taken from mangapark.com

6. The Gamer

Jihan explains to Shiyeon this is a transformation of his ability. It forms a defensive barrier by way of tower defense.


Jihan was surprised by this, but Shiyeon explains that resting is important for growth too. Anyway, now they focus on the game.


This guy with that weird thing on his mask seems to be the leader of this group. They use a Storm Thunder Steps skill to try to get away from the golems, but the golems just appear out of nowhere. And when he uses a punching attack, the golem withstands it to a degree even though the masked guy is getting the power from the divine connection, which indicates that the golem has enough physical and magic power to stop his attack. And not to mention that there are ranged golems too.


Eventually he concludes that Jihan has more varied and powerful abilities that they don't know and have to analyze more of, so they have to retreat for now. They retreated and Jihan won the game, but he feels that there is something weird going on. The game also sends him the spoils of war which are:


He examines them using his Observation skill and notices that their current state is: No Soul, No Master, Unconscious. Shiyeon froze upon hearing this, and tells him it must be soul-theft.


Jihan then surmises that it is related to Necromancy, and he also gets the notion that with this trick, it is possible to "never die".

Images of The Gamer were taken from mangareader.net

7. Haikyuu!!

Over at Fukurodani's match, they also won theirs as well and make it the next round. Bokuto had just realized tha Karasuno defeated the Miya twins, but the others on his team had known this earlier because of the noise on Karasuno's court. Bokuto tells him that as if he would what happens outside of his own match.


Many in the audience were definitely inspired by Karasuno, and as two were discussing their next opponent, Nekoma, they called Nekoma a boring team. Lol, they have no idea what kind of mindplay Nekoma is capable of. XD

Meanwhile, the Karasuno gang were watching tv waiting for the sports update. Of course, they were featured quite heftily because they managed to beat the crowd favorite to win.


They clearly enjoyed the whole thing.

Over on Fukurodani, it appears that Bokuto usually watches the update about 100 times, but this he only watched it 20 times. XD Well, 3rd years always gotta have their senti moments. Bokuto declares he will keep playing even after he graduates from high school, but says that he will miss playing with everyone right now. Akaashi tells him that they still have quarter finals, semi-finals, and the finals itself, and Bokuto agrees, saying they will win it all.

As for the Karasuno 3rd years, they're having their own moment too. They talk about their juniors, how they should get Kageyama's autograph while they still can, how Tanaka is not usually the type you'd call cool-headed, but he pulled off some really great plays last game, how Tsukishima has been getting really good at restricting the courses of the balls, and Hinata's epic receives that were proof of his game sense growing.
3rd years

It's bathing time for everyone, but Hinata is still full of energy and even wants to play another match right then and there. Of course the others can't really say the same. hahaha.

Nekoma was watching the update too, and were complaining that it made them sound like the lesser team.
I actually get what Kuroo means. Hahaha. Taking down some giants doesn't guarantee that you will win, but of course, I'm cheering for Karasuno. Just that this match in Nekoma is really a big deal for them both. :3


Images of Haikyuu were taken from readhaikyuu.com

8. One Piece

On Cacao island, there was one who casually asked if it was possible for Katakuri to lose, but the others denied that possibility to even exist. Sanji watched everything and saw now many were waiting for Luffy to come out. He is with pudding who is still acting tsundere. He thanks her and tells her he is glad that she was his fiancee. This makes pudding cry, and she tells him that she has one last request.

Meanwhile, in mirror world, after both launching their last attacks, it seems that both Luffy and Katakuri are down for the count. it's about 12:39am.

Can you imagine just how dark it is at this time, and yet everyone is wide awake and up and running around?

Everyone is worrying about all kinds of things. XD

But Luffy does remember the meeting time. He just doesn't know the current time. hahaha. When he gets up, Katakuri seems to also be up, and he asks Luffy if he will come back someday to defeat Big Mom. He tells Katakuri that he definitely will, because he is the man who will be Pirate King. With this, Katakuri falls down.

Luffy uses his own hat to cover Katakuri's mouth. This is his own sign of respect for the man. What I'm thinking is, this doesn't seem to be his usual hat, so I guess I'm okay with that.

As an answer to Nami's worry, Luffy's savior appears:

But wait, outside of the mirror there are many enemies waiting. Do they have another way out, or will they have to fight again?

Images of One Piece were taken from mangalife.us

9. Shokugeki no Souma

As explanation to Senzaemon's declaration last time, it appears that the format of the Regiment will be changed to a two-course meal prepared by the two remaining participants of each team. So, one will prepare Hors d'Oeuvre and the other will prepare the main dish.

The rebels are worried because it seems to be more favored for the elite ten's side, since it's Tsukasa and Rindou we're talking about. Azami has also agreed to this setup since he will get a chance to taste Tsukasa and Rindou's creation together, which I must, I also am curious how it would turn out. He also mentions that they would definitely be able to make true gourmet, but as for Erina, as she is, cannot do it.

But Erina stands up for herself this time, saying that the dishes she make are definitely different than they used to be.
not good

Souma however, recalls their first memory. XD
first day

The two wgo tell Azami that he is a terrible father saying awful things to his daughter, but he tells them it is necessary because Erina has impurities mixed inside her, and she must be purified clean because she is the key to his central.

Souma and Erina are now gonna begin their preparations for tomorrow, starting from the decision of who will make which. Others want to help too, but Kuga tells them that too many chefs spoils the broth, so its best that only a few really stay to offer advice, while the rest should sleep and trust the two.


Of course, most of them don't really fall asleep and are up contemplating life. XD

The next day comes and the halls are filled with audience. There is an electric nervousness pulsating in the air.


It seems that Momo has also made some concoction for the two. Haha. Anyway, they have decided their dishes already, but these two...

rock paper scissors

They stayed up all night because they couldn't decide at all. Hahaha. I get it. Not one of them wants to give in the chance to make the main dish. Aggressive chefs. Hahaha.

souma appetizer

Well, they managed to finally settle it. The final bout will start in the next chapter. :3

Images of Shokugeki no Souma were taken from readshokugeki.com

10. Dragon Ball Super

Finally we have episode 129 after that brief delay because of some marathon on another series. I didn't really research to check what.

Anyway, last time Goku finally reached Ultra Instinct.

I just want to say, there are so many of these guys...

And current stage looks like this:

Whis says that this Goku's last chance, because Ultra Instinct takes a greater toll on the body the deeper you delve into it, and there is no way left for Goku to heal after this. Thus, he has to finish the battle within this state.

With each strike they make to each other, part of the stage gets destroyed.

It seems that his attacks and speed are definitely sharper, but just like with the battle with Kefla, he is letting thoughts interfere, which dull the true impact of his attacks.

He launches a pretty mean Kamehameha, further destroying the platform. This delights the two Zenos. But unfortunately...

Jiren was prepared for it, because he was able to analyze Goku's earlier battle with Kefla. Those of Universe 11 are now saying that it's only a matter of time till they win, since an incomplete Ultra Instinct can't possibly manage against Jiren.

But Vegeta answers back, saying that as they say it is incomplete, but that means there is more power lying behind the current strength of Goku, and therefore, he can still definitely win and surpass Jiren. Universe 11's god of destruction says it is impossible in this time, but Vegeta cites the many times that the Saiyans have broken through their limits in the span of this tournament alone, something everyone has seen. At this, he tells Jiren to end it.

But Jiren doesn't get the chance to knock him off, because Goku gets back into his senses again, unleashing a great deal of aura. And thus, they battle it out once more. Btw, i think this trail of damage is quite nice to look at. XD

Whis smiles as she watches the fight. It seems that Goku is finally focusing his heart and soul into the fight, heating himself further and further, accelerating his power. In fact, I see him closing his eyes. This continues to make Belmod impatient. Alas, at this Jiren's attack become fiercer and Goku is pushed near the edge, where the surrounding ground are crumbling. The Universe 7 people worry of this, but Beerus tells them to shut up and watch.

Belmod interprets this an acceptance of fate, and Universe 11 gloats of it. But I'm sure there's more to this.

And true to this, they begin seeing sparks, which is the result when their fists hit each other. They begin to think that Goku has finally switched from defensive to offensive attacks.

From all the way there, Goku's attack reached Jiren!

The Zenos are now delighted again about Goku's sparkly bright hot energy, and say that something great is about to happen again. Btw, there was a panel that Vegeta's mouth was hanging open, I just have to share it. Haha.

Jiren decides he has to respond to the energy that Goku has been forming:

But just as Jiren launches his attack, it seemingly disappears, and Goku materializes behind him holding his orb of attack and making it disappear with a flick of a wrist. Jiren then tries to attack, and btw, Goku is glowing tremendously, and it looked like Jiren was moving so slow.
slow jiren

Instead of Goku being the one getting hit, Jiren was hit from the back by a very fast attack. The Zenos say that Goku is now super, super, super amazing. Well, true enough, Goku is barely moving, but Jiren is getting pummeled while Goku doesn't move from where he stands. It's like psychic attacks.

Beerus suddenly asks Whis then if Goku has finally reached it, and Whis...
whis smile

Goku has indeed reached the complete Ultra Instinct:

His hair looks almost silver, by the way. Battle is getting heated up over here! X3

Images of Dragon Ball Super were taken from dragonballtime.tv

Whew... That was a lot. Pretty good updates, I must say. :3

Well, I won't say much here. I just want to thank all of those that read this.

Thank you, and Good day, Steemians! :3

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