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Ahh, the air of manga, I can smell it again. X3 Yes, because it's time for my weekly updates!

Beautiful monday, people!

For manga, we have the usual, plus a few,

  • Relife (222)
  • One Piece (897)
  • Shokugeki no Souma (254)
  • Noblesse (501)
  • Baby Steps (308)
  • The Gamer (213)
  • Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet (43)
  • Haikyuu!! (293)

For anime,

Dragon Ball Super episode 130 is delayed by a marathon again

But let's all be patient, people, the guys providing the subs do it for free, and a little waiting won't hurt...that much. X3

Well, now that we know what's in store, what are we waiting for??

Link start!~~

1. Relife

Kaizaki is on his way to Kazu's home, because his target subject is the older brother. Well, I guess he didn't come knocking on the window. XP The thing is, he has to come in contact with the subject, but it is hard because he never leaves the house~~~. So yeah, though it's best to avoid the family, but in this case, it can't be helped.

He rings the doorbell, and here comes Kazu to greet him. Of course Kazu doesn't not recognize him. Ahh, that stings.. Can't be helped though. He introduces himself as the older brother's friend, and Kazu tells him that his brother doesn't have friends. Lol.
no friends

To convince Kazu, he prattles off facts about the older brother, and then ends by saying that he heard all of that from the brother himself. WRONG. hahaha. He heard all of that from you, dear younger Ohga. X3

Just then, Kaizaki sees female shoes. And yeah, there she goes, and she asks the same question about who Kaizaki is. Ahh, stings again. T.T


He passes it off, and teases Kazu instead. Lol, there goes Kaizaki with his creepy face. Hahahaha. Anyway, he tells him not to mind him, and that they can go enjoy themselves. Of course, the two fluster at this, and Kariu scolds Kazu for letting in a suspicious person. But Kazu has other sentiments...

And it seems even Kariu feels it.

Kazu also adds that it is the first his brother has had a visitor, so he hopes some change comes out of it.

Well, Kaizaki barges into the room surprising Takaomi, of course the guy could hardly say anything when Kaizaki tried to calm him first, and introduced himself. He then went and explained to him what he's doing there. After that brief explanation...

Kaizaki understood this reaction, because he himself thought the same thing at first, when he was first told about Relife. Yeah, he definitely suits this job. After all, he has first-hand experience and this will definitely help him in understanding and guiding his future subjects.

That night, Kaizaki writes his very first report...

And, just when you think that's it, because they have their usual See you next report thingy, it continues on below where Yoake had just taken a picture of Kaizaki.

And yet again, this gang of adults are in Kaizaki's apartment. Lol. Because they like it there, is what they say. Kaizaki shares what happened, since all of them are familiar with the situation with Kazu's brother. After that, they raise their cans as cheers to their new lives.

And this marks the end of the manga. T.T

They have to make a one-shot of what happened with the rest of them, and just a glimpse of Takaomi's Relife. They have tooooooo... T.T

Thank you so much to the creator of this amazing series. :3

Images of Relife were taken from whiteouscans.com

2. One Piece

So here's the plan, Luffy and Pekoms will get out of the mirror using Brulee's power. Pekoms will transform into his sulong form, like how Carrot did earlier, and we know how awesome she became right? As for Pekoms though, it seems that once he transforms, he turns into a mindless rampaging beast that, in the past, only Pedro could calm down. Now that Pedro is gone, and knowing that Pedro sacrificed himself for Luffy's sake, he is willing to lay his life as well. Well, we never did see Pedro's body, so there is a small chance he is still alive, and maybe he might even save Pekoms. Hahaha. I think that would be an interesting plot.

Nami and the others are also being cornered right now, A grand fleet in the front, and smoothie on the tail. I'm not sure how they're gonna manage, but yeah, for now, the people on Cacao Island await Luffy from the mirror, but it is Pekoms and Brulee who come out. They are confused as to where Luffy is.


Right after, it proceeds as planned, Pekoms goes into his sulong form, while Oven is enraged because he can't find Luffy and his sister brulee is being hostaged, so they're all aiming at Pekoms right now. He goes for a punch at Pekoms.


Sanji reports right away that he found Luffy. Of course, he's not the only to find Luffy. Everyone sees him and targets him now. Luffy doesn't have much of any fuel left after having that exhausting fight with Katakuri, which is to be expected, so he jumps onto the roof, but someone is on his tail. Luckily...

Yep, that fiery kick can only be Sanji's. :D Sanji runs away with Luffy in hand and they casually have this exchange.


Of course, they are stopped by some people who are "moonwalking". Pekoms has also been held down and they're talking about gouging his eyes so that he will never see a full moon again. This distracts Sanji and Luffy and they are hit to the ground. Just as they seem out of options...


It's the Germa Fleet! Earlier, like several chapters ago, we did see them head out to go against the Big Moms and, if I remember, they were planning to help Sanji not out of emotional attachment, but simply for the sake of paying him back for saving them.

germa 66

And you can also see that Luffy has already fallen asleep. Lol. Well, he can sleep. He's earned it. :3

Images of One Piece were taken from mangalife.us

3. Shokugeki no Souma

Lol, just before the competition starts, Souma is frustrated that he lost the chance to cook the main dish because he lost at rock-paper-scissors. Everyone else is flustered by how the whole thing was even decided.

erina and souma

It is the final bout, and the team that wins this match gets to take over the elite ten's seats, which will allow them to take back their friends' expulsions. The majority are cheering for Tsukasa and Rindou, because they ain't the top two for nothing.

Tsukasa is showing signs of sloth.
if they win
Of course, it's a shokugeki and the top 1 ain't about to back down in a cooking battle. He and Rindou tag-team in the preparations.

And it appears that Azami and Tsukasa have some history.

We find Tsukasa and Rindou having just taken the first two seats of the Elite ten, and right away, just when they were feeling happy about all of it, Tsukasa is bombarded with the responsibilities that come with being the top 1. And it turns out that this is really not Tsukasa's strong point.
socially impaired

But he was game for all of it, all in the name of perfecting cuisine. Still though, it takes its toll too. So Megishima and Momo help him out.

As the first seat, he is invited to cook to for all kinds of bigshots and events, and he enjoys cooking, but it seems that there are brief moments when he suddenly gets angry. Though it was a feeling that he felt for like only a second, and he didn't understand it. After a few of these occurrences, he meets Azami who tells him that the passion and energy he puts into his dishes...

Well, that's probably where it all started. Anyway, back to the current bout, Rindou is as usual, and they are saying that she is in her fine form, and is probably gonna use another exotic ingredient, but what is this?

I'm not really sure what's happening, but we'll find out in the next chapter.

Images of Shokugeki no Souma were taken from readshokugeki.com

4. Noblesse

So we have everyone greatly shocked and afraid of Rai's power because what he just did, which is destroy Armageddon all the way from where they are. Tbh, even I'm shocked that Rai could be this powerful, and he is definitely even more so if only he wasn't greatly taxed by all the battles he's been in the past.

The royal guards and the third elder are afraid to take him on. Even Lunark was surprised that he was this strong.

The first elder was really perplexed. He couldn't understand how Rai could be that powerful without having had any physical enhancements like the other werewolves or rogue nobles.


He somehow mentally commands Haydn to transform into his final form. But Franky ain't about to just sit down.

franky transform

He asks Rai to let him handle the rest under the gist that he has some history with them and wants revenge. Rai agrees to let him do so.

rai retract

The truth is, Franky just really didn't want him to fight anymore so he can stay in that state a little bit longer.

Just as Franky was about to take everyone left on, Lunark steps in and wants to fight too, for her people, even if it means her death, she says.

She takes on the female, and Franky takes on Haydn.

The third elder is very worried that Franky is getting more powerful and powerful.

Meanwhile, Dorant finally gained consciousness.
Lol, he has a point, of course he's not okay. Anyway, he finds Franky fighting and was surprised that he is here. The others explained the situation.

Franky is, well, his normal taunting self. Haha.
did they really fight

Images of Noblesse were taken from mangahere.cc

5. Baby Steps

Miyamoto, Tennis Times journalist, has been wandering around, checking out the other games. Araya has already won his match, and people are amazed by the strength of his power and voice. Kanda has also won his game as well, and his egg-ball is continuing to improve. Miyamoto is musing how Ike's generation is shaping up to be a golden one. Lol.

He checks up on Asano's match, who is currently the oldest participant, apparently.

oldest participant

Miyamoto is impressed at how much Ei-chan has improved. Asano, on the other hand, has realized that using his previous tactics don't work on Ei-chan.

new tactics

Ei-chan notices the variety in Asano's tactics, and comes up with his own. Asano finds himself experiencing his own tactics thrown back at him.

not possible

Asano further realizes that Ei-chan's playstyle is exactly what envisions to reach.

new technical

Though losing, it seems Asano is happy. He practically hit it on the mark after all, the idea that this kind of playstyle is actually possible. Miyamoto coins it..


And of course, Asano was totally cornered. Eventually,

game set

You can see both Kanda and Araya see him end his match. :3

Images of Baby Steps were taken from mangahere.cc

6. The Gamer

Continuing from last time's chapter, Jihan and Shiyeon were talking about the bodies that the attackers had left. They have come to the conclusion that the Church of Masks also have clones.

ordinary people

Shiyeon is saying how it doesn't make sense because the guild leader had a soul and awareness. She also says that it is a method that has many side effects.

side effects

Shiyeon finally says that it is due to Quantitative expansion. Jihan agrees with the idea, since hey recently recruited alchemists or sorcerers that can create clones... And what's this? Is she listening on them using the bodies?? Is it possible?

close eyes

Shiyeon asks him what they should do, and Jihan declares...

allout war

And it turns out that she wasn't listening on them. whew She was actually waiting for her lackeys to come back.


They report to her that The Gamer was no ordinary being. And it seems they call her "saint".


They tell her that a collision with him will be a big blow to them, and she calls out the others to know what they think.


Juts btw, it looks really creepy. The opinions were divided into two: Punishment and Compromise. She raised her hand and did something, but I have no idea what. Eventually she declares that they will punish him.

Meanwhile Jihan and Shiyeon were with the guild leader's body again. So the gist is, they were stealing her skill, "Eternal Skill Theft". And check out what they got. A unique legendary item.


Check out the description closer. It says that when a user of the flame fist consumes it, the user's training and skill level increases permanently. How cool is that? Give it to Shiyeon!

Anyway, speaking of Shiyeon, she is again clueless of what is going on, because let's face it, Jihan's powers are unpredictable. Whatever you can find in games, he can make it possible, so basically anything is possible with him. And now, since it is "eternal" skill theft, she is now eternally without the energy and stuff she used to have, though her training remains.


I agree, Shiyeon. XD

So anyway, he does make Shiyeon eat it. It makes sense anyway, he doesn't have the skill, and Shiyeon does. Haha.


So yeah, she definitely got stronger, leaving Jihan a bit uneasy whether this might've happened...


Don't worry, Jihan, she won't beat you to death. XD

Images of The Gamer were taken from mangareader.net

7. Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet

Sensei catches Fumi on her way out. He wonders what's up with her, and it turns out that she and Kuratsuki are out to watch over You-chan and Aioi's date. XD

It wasn't as awkward as You-chan expected. In fact they both seem totally cool and good together. "It seems normal", You-chan thinks. Well, its these kind of relationships that are best, don't you think? When you can just be yourself with your partner. :3


They were looking at some animals, and You-chan says something like how they are like Aioi, and he asks her if she's calling him a shortie. Lol. He's actually just conscious of his height because even Fumi is taller than her.


She says that compared to her though, his height is fine. Aioi blushes at the proximity and says he will buy drinks. Anyway, eventually they finish going around and he tells her there is a place he wants to go. It turns out to be at the Observatory. It's just his luck that...

afraid of heights

At this, he flusters and tells her to tell him about these things beforehand, but it seems that she thought it might be okay to just go up. Lol. It was at this point that she finds out that he especially researched where to go so that he can look good in front of the person he likes.

no hesitation

She then tells him that she wants to properly see it. She said she will just partially cover her eyes. Haha. Of course, he just offers his hand to her, but informs her that it's not out of secret intentions. Just as they were done. This encounter happens..


Fumi tries to pass it off that they were also interested in looking around, but Aioi is perceptive.


He then says that he will go home. Fumi tells You-chan to chase after him. You-chan had also wanted to find her own love just like Fumi. But the first time she saw Aioi, she didn't really feel anything. However, after today...

not bad

She catches up to him and then..

catch up

And then, the chapter ended with the word "Hei". Lol. I don't really get it. It will be a while before this updates again though.

Images of Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet were taken from mangapark.me

8. Haikyuu!!

And we have a flashback, rather, a look on the history between Ukai-sensei and Nekomata-sensei, the coaches of Karasuno and Nekoma respectively, way back in their middle school years.
middle school

Ukai was on the attack, but Nekomata always seemed to be able to save his spikes. Mid-game, Ukai realized that he was being read.
look good

They became rivals who would go at each other again and again, but in the last tournament of their middle school years, Nekomata transferred to Tokyo. He kept training until the day he reached the national tournament during his high school career, and he saw Nekomata there again and told him to prepare himself. Unfortunately though...

They made a promise of challenge again.

never again

But they ended up both becoming coaches at their alma mater, so they would schedule practices as much as they could, and made promises to battle it out on official setting.


They would keep having practice matches together, and continued to the renew the promise.


And now, on the third day of the interhigh spring,


Yes, they call it the Battle of the Trash heaps, and finally it makes onto national stage, the long dream of the coaches. :3 You can spy Nekomata-sensei in the image above, while Ukai-sensei is watching it live streaming.


And of course, the cheerer ain't about to lose too.


The players of Karasuno were just being introduced then, together with their coaches. And we have a very proud grandfather over here, I didn't copy the other image, but there, he red-cheeked as they told him that they look alike.

Next, the Nekoma players were introduced, and of course, they also showed Coach Nekomata, explaining how he had retired once, but came back two years ago, and he still has his usual catchphrase, "I accept your challenge."


Nekoma starts plotting what to do against Karasuno, first of which is having to stop the combo of Kageyama and Hinata. And Kenma, who has always been the analytical type who is unbiased by the rage of the match, for the first time, cannot completely analyze the situation.
i dont know

The match is about to start! I'm looking forward to it!~~

Images of Haikyuu were taken from readhaikyuu.com

That's all for the week!

I'm really sad that Relife has come to an end. :< But like all good manga and stories, everything must, otherwise, it would just seem dragged and nobody would want that. However, I still really hope they could atleast show some insight on what happened with the lives of the others, even just a quick look. Pretty please, creators? :3 Or, well, I'd also love to see Hishiron in a wedding dress, she would be GORGEOUSLY STUNNING! :3

Well, I'll be on the lookout for more awesome manga. Let me know if you find any!

As always, Thank you for reading, and Good day, Steemians! :3

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