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Ahhh, I feel very sluggish today, I could barely finish the posts that I have been working on since last week.

Result: I had to cut the draft I had here on steemit, so that I could first write this weekly update of mine.

Can't have too many backlog posts, right? XD

Then again, I was also feeling sluggish earlier that I did not read ahead my manga. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that one of my favorite manga finished last week (I'm talking about Relife, if you guys haven't read the last update or missed that detail in the swarm of manga updates). But anyway, as they say, life must go on. So Monday manga updates must also go on. :D

And we have,

  • Shokugeki no Souma (255)
  • Haikyuu!! (294)
  • One Piece (898)
  • Noblesse (502)
  • The Gamer (214)
  • Shingeki no Kyoujin (102-103)


  • Dragon Ball Super (130)

1. Shokugeki no Souma

We continue over to a more in-depth history between Tsukasa and Azami.

After that Gourmet Conference in Vegas, Tsukasa couldn't help but think about what Azami said. Rindou tells him to just forget about what he said, but he reveals to her that lately, whenever people he doesn't know fawn over his dish, he can't help but get annoyed, while with Azami, it was different because he wasn't fawning and downright said it was horrible.

The next thing we know, Tsukasa has another engagement contract in LA where he will be the head chef. As he was buying something that looked like a hotdog bun from a side vendor, Azami pulls up beside him in a fancy car. Azami calls it a coincidence, but Tsukasa tells him that it seemed he had planned the whole thing. Azami tells him he is welcome to leave, but he daresays that Tsukasa's curiosity was piqued by his words back then. They now discuss things in a restaurant, where Azami was using art as a reference, citing that what if Pablo Picasso or any famous artist were still alive and they made a new painting. He asks Tsukasa if he would be able to discern with just his own eyes whether it was a masterpiece or not, and of course Tsukasa declined, not knowing much about art. Azami goes on to make his point that it is the same with food, normal people, ergo people who don't have enough background in the subject would not be able to fully peruse something to be able to say whether it really was a masterpiece or not. Thus, all the effort Tsukasa has put into his dish would escape the notice of self-proclaimed foodies who only chant praises because of his title as 'first seat', so he should employ his talents only for people who would really understand, like Azami himself.

They seemed to become close after that. Whenever Tsukasa came to America, they would meet. It was during one of these meetings that he finally discussed with Tsukasa his ideal of cuisiner having a correct, clear goal, and that there is a shortest path to it, guided by a compass with unwavering precision, the god tongue.

Flashback time was apparently over then, because we are then presented with Rindou's dish.

The judges were discussing the main points of her dish, the shiitake mushroom, the duxelle made from sauteed champignons, eschalots, garlic and butter, mixed with crushed chestnuts and cream, and the astringency caused by...

Azami comments how large doses of formic acid can be poison, but in small doses like in the dish, it becomes a great accent, and Rindou, being able to use it well, means she's truly reached the realm of a pro chef.


The judges are now saying how it is truly how an appetizer should be, wonderful, but making them anticipate the main dish even more so. Just as it is, Tsukasa brings in his dish now, calling it the height of his true gourmet.

I wonder what it is, and what's inside??

Images of Shokugeki no Souma were taken from readshokugeki.com

2. Haikyuu!!

The Battle at the Trash Heaps is about to start, and it seems that the student body from Nekoma came to see the game. Well, they are from Tokyo so it's easy enough for them to come and watch, unlike those from Karasuno who have to travel from faraway. Anyway, their little comments made me laugh.

Meanwhile, on Karasuno's end, we have a peptalk.

Nekoma's peptalk before the game is the usual, you know, the one that ends with the brain functioning at its peak.

The game starts with Kageyama's serve. Of course, since they had just played a really head-turning match the other day, the audience were anticipating a good serve from him. It didn't become a service ace, because Nekoma is really good at their defense. In fact, it was a really intense volley between the two teams, which even made the audience comment how that wasn't the volleyball they play in PE. hahaha. Anyway, the volley ended when this pair came up:

This resulted in the first point going to Karasuno.


Images of Haikyuu were taken from readhaikyuu.com

3. One Piece

Makes you really glad to see them. Especially since guns don't work on them. XD

The Germa 66 fleet is also back in business, but Nami and the others aren't sure whether they are are friends or foe. But I say, your enemy's enemy is your friend. XP Anyway, in Germa 66's case, they really are currently allies. Sanji made a call to Jinbe to eliminate their confusion and direct them to prioritize getting to the port ASAP.

Over on Cacao island, Brulee shouts out that Luffy definitely must not get away, because he defeated Katakuri. When everybody heard this...
Yes, Mina-san, that sleeping guy just defeated your most respected undefeated brother.

Of course, this enraged everyone. They went after Luffy with such vengeance, BUT Germa to the rescue! And in a sort of order too. First to help was Ichiji. When that wasn't enough, Niji gave them a boost. Then,
P.S. Reiju is actually 0, and I have no idea why Yonji didn't have a part, but anyway, Reiju's actually the only one who really does care about Sanji like a brother. The rest don't really have human emotions in them, so they're probably just there for the fight, but it serves the purpose. :D

And finally, Sunny is in sight!

I hope this arc finishes soon, coz I really miss the rest of the crew. :3 For one, we're missing a good amount of firepower.

Images of One Piece were taken from mangalife.us

4. Noblesse

It seems that Lunark actually is really just stalling for time in order to keep Franky from battling two guards at once.
buy time

She was getting badly pummeled, but just as the female guard was about to deliver a blow that definitely would have hurt her a lot, Mirai jumps in.

Mirai still seems lost about what's been going on, so Lunark fills her in on the details. Like how these guards are from the union, including the attack that they received earlier. Mirai was surprised and confused because the previous lord had always looked down on the union and humans and felt that they could take them out anytime, but now, it seems that that isn't really the case. Well, my thoughts on this, probably they could, back then, before the werewolves fell apart, and were greatly diminished. It's their own fault really, for experimenting on their own kind.

Anyway, Mirai tells Lunark that she will buy time for her to recover, but she needs to do it fast, because Mirai can't handle this alone. Lunark is actually surprised that Mirai is willing to fight with her, and more so, buy time for her.

Franky and Haydn are still at it, but the third elder has determined that Haydn cannot defeat Franky right now. He prompts the first elder whether they will not do anything. But the first elder is worrying that if they stepped in, Rai would also make a move. Haha. Yeah, that's right. Fear Rai. Don't force him to do anything he shouldn't be doing.

As for Franky..
I don't quite like how that black seems to start to cover him entirely. I don't think it's a good sign.

Seeing Haydn definitely losing, the first and third elder really did have to step in, even at the risk that Rai would interfere, but Franky wouldn't let Rai join in, which even the werewolves were wondering why. You guys don't know anything. Still, I don't like this. Franky might push himself further, and we all know how dangerous the dark spear can be. Actually, I think that Rai will eventually step in because of that, but for now, it's up to Franky to stop these two.

Images of Noblesse were taken from mangareader.net

5. The Gamer

Jihan notices the different colors in Shiyeon's aura.
red blue white

He asked her how she was feeling, and she tells him that she can now do things she only knew back then in theory. Probably wanting for more clarification, Jihan goes for Observe.

Noticing that Shiyeon now has the title of Goddess of Yeonhon, he checks it and finds out that...

He realizes that she got some crazy power-up from that title. Shiyeon asks him what's up, and he tells her that she's at level 99 now, but her skills are way higher than her level. He then gets the realization that he is now weaker compared to her. Lol. This puts him in a semi-depressed state.

She confirms that she does feel more powerful than before when Jihan told her that it had gone up a lot. Jihan also informs her of the question mark in her skills, which she assumes is probably Yeonhon Yeongi Yeongshidan. (P.S. i had to go back and forth several times to check if I typed that down correctly)

Jihan remembers that the guild leader did mention something like that, and they discuss it. Apparently, it will make Shiyeon a lot more powerful since it's said to transcend the divine help spirit flame, and enable one to understand the true meaning of Yeonhon. Not that I understand what that would mean for her, but apparently, Jihan is in the same boat as me.

Shiyeon then asks him what's the plan, and of course, Jihan is set on attacking their base. Shiyeon asks him if he's all set to kill people, but he simply smiles at her and says that he won't kill anyone. Instead, he's going to capture them and steal and absorb their abilities, which I think is a pretty sweet plan, provided they can actually execute it in enemy base. He calls it Guerilla Warfare, where he will attack and retreat, over and over.

One the other side, Yoonhwan recalls his past. Also, I found that Yoohwa was actually the younger of the two. Apparently, they were on this trip to the valley, but an accident happened, and their parents died. He did his best to take care of his sister, and then one day, suddenly they can see each other even when they are not together. This power gradually became stronger and they could talk to each other from afar. Then they decided to do an experiment of switching bodies, which was successful, but had a side effect: Yoonhwan fell asleep whenever he was in his sister's body.

Yoonhwan didn't mind, since it allowed his sister to walk, but because of this, he didn't know about what happened. It appears he doesn't know about the mask, or the Church of the Masks...
It seems he really is not a bad guy at all.

Images of The Gamer were taken from mangatown.com

6. Shingeki no Kyoujin

It seems I missed the time to update these, so I'll try to keep these short.

We're continuing from when those from Paradis finally attacked the ceremony at Marley.

Because of the gears and training of the Survey Corps added to the fact that they actually do have two titans, though we've currently only seen Eren, the Marleyans don't really stand a chance. They've only ever been trained to use titans as military power, but they were never trained how to subdue them.

Last time, it was thought that Eren and Mikasa has finished the Warhammer Titan, but it seems that the nape was not enough.

Meanwhile, Sasha and Connie seems to have ignored Gabi because she is a kid, but I'm not so sure that Gabi will just sit by while they raid the town.

As for the Warhammer, Eren seems to have thought of something.
The warhammer seems to be connected to something from below. And thus, Eren goes after it and finds it.

Just as Eren was about to eat the warhammer titan, the Jaw titan shows up and tries to eat Eren, but somehow, it seems he can't?? Just then, Levi also shows up, so the Jaw titan had to flee, but he ends up surrounded.

Just then the cart titan shows up with some machine gun on her back, and this kills a few of the guys in 3D maneuver gear. The warhammer titan also managed to trap Eren while she was still his hands. And as if that wasn't enough trouble, the Beast titan shows up.

Braun seems to still be alive too. He transformed into the armored titan in order to save Grice.

The Paradis Island guys are cornered. With the machine gun on the cart titan, and the jaw titan protecting the Beast titan, it's hard to penetrate and get some head way. The warhammer titan is also still in commission, since when Eren tried to eat it, the crystal just destroyed his titan jaw. He did however get of the trapped body and turned into titan form again.

Finally, Armin was found, the colossal titan was actually on the port, and he destroyed the battleships there. In this moment of confusion, Levi striked.

The rest that follows is some gruesome explosions for those manning the machine gun on the cart titan. So gruesome, I don't even wanna put the images.

Probably unable to bear it anymore,

All the titans on the enemy side are down for the count, but they're not dead yet. Things are just getting more and more paced. Next chapter will be in May.

Images of Shingeki no Kyoujin were taken from goodmanga.net

7. Dragon Ball Super

Now that Goku has reached the complete form of Ultra Instinct, everybody is interested in how the fight will unfold. Right then Goku demonstrates the speed he is able to achieve in this form. In the blink of an eye, he was able to graze Jiren. I can't even snap a proper screenshot, so you might wanna watch the episode to see what I mean.

Meanwhile, Belmod is just sour-graping about Goku's Ultra Instinct. Lol.

Goku is pretty amazing right now, as he and Jiren go at it, his speed is just great, and when Jiren launched an attack at him, he simply cancelled it out, causing a huge explosion.

Now it is so easy for Goku to kick and hit Jiren and dodging his attacks seems like a breeze. The background music also helps to pick up more hype as their battle goes on.

Jiren seems to be losing it, as he declares that he can't lose because he doesn't want to go through that again. By that, he means what happened in the past, where he lost his master and comrades. This causes him to power up again and become bulkier, enflaming the entire stage, even reaching all the way up to the audience. After this, you will see him engulfed in reddish aura.

Vegeta assumes that it might be because Goku made him remember his past, and Gohan adds that that must have awakened a hidden power inside Jiren. In this form, he is again able to go on par with Goku in Ultra Instinct. Tsk. Does this man have no limit???

Of course, Goku is not easily beaten, even after Jiren overpowered him using the attack you see in the above image. But jiren manages to one-up him, and Goku lies on the ground mostly motionless. Krillin cheers him on, saying that he believes that Goku will win, so he has to get up. When Goku does get up, Jiren is greatly surprised, saying that Goku should have no stamina left. But Goku tells him that it's not over yet. At this, Jiren is prompted to ask how Goku can still stand despite being beaten so many times. And Goku tells him it is because everyone is trusting in him. Jiren tells him that such faith is meaningless before his power.

Universe 11 then notices that Goku's speed has increased even more and declares that it should be impossible. But Piccolo shuts them up by saying that it is because Goku isn't fighting for just himself, but is bearing the hopes of everyone. Others chimes in about Goku by this point, saying that it is everyone that gives him strength. Right after this, you will see flashbacks from the previous dragon ball series. Tbh, Goku has to be one of the most persistent hero characters, as even when he is dead, he keeps training in their afterlife, knowing he will be revived again to fight.

Jiren goes way off here, as he attacks the audience because he refuses to believe in the power of friendship and trust. He declares that such a power is easily erased. This pisses Goku off royally.
pissed off

Goku becomes more powerful now that he's angry. And he is able to cancel out Jiren's attacks again.

As Goku looms over Jiren, Jiren tells him to just finish him off already.

Just as he was about to finish Jiren off, something happens that greatly changes everything. Goku reaches the limit, and he is hit by such excruciating pain. Actually at first I thought that Frieza had backstabbed him or something, until Whis explained what's actually happening.

Belmod tells Jiren to quickly push Goku out. Jiren does as he says, not wanting to lose either. And just then, Frieza does show up, hitting Goku just in time so that he won't fall off. And here is another who showed up.

Now it's up to them both to buy time till this battle ends. If they could just survive, they will win, since it's 3 for Universe 7 and just one for Universe 11.

Images of Dragon Ball Super were taken from dragonballtime.tv

Well, that's it for me this week!

I hope to finish all the rest of my posts soon too.

Thanks for reading, and Good day to you, Steemians! :3

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