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Japan has a pretty robust culture of MMORPGs. Other Asian countries like South Korea and China has their own MMORPG culture as well but none is as well-known as Japan’s. Well, it’s probably because Japan’s anime is globally known. Anime that features MMORPG elements are uncommon, but a welcome addition to the anime community. One famous one is Sword Art Online, which has both MMORPG and isekai fantasy elements blended together, but with a touch more MMORPG. Today, I’ll be recommending a manga that have both MMORPG and Isekai fantasy elements, this time with more isekai fantasy. My novel and manga recommendation, ‘Yasei no Last Boss Arawareta!’.

A creation of author Firehead and manga artist Hazuki Tsubasa, ‘Yasei no Last Boss Arawareta!’ features an isekai story that started with a popular MMORPG Exgate Online. Exgate Online is a fantasy online game set in a world called Midgard, home to many fantasy races. The game had special features like the war system in which players with territories can go to war with each other to conquer the loser’s territory. Another curious feature is the novel system in which player actions and achievements are officially recognized and incorporated into the Midgard’s history. Huge events that happened can become turning points in history, changing the world setting entirely.

war nov.jpg
War system and Novel system of Exgate Online.

Introducing the main character, or rather, his character, Lufasu Mafaalu. Having grinded through various levels and classes, attended every game event, and bought many item boosts, he has placed Lufasu as one of the top players in the game. After establishing a country, he used the war system to invade and conquer every country, eventually establishing a single country empire and becoming known to all players of Exgate Online. With the novel system, his character Lufasu is recognized as the Supreme Ruler of Midgard.

Lufasu Mafaalu. The main character in this story. For now, she is a player character but there’s no need to sweat over technicalities.

With a seat at the top of the world, naturally, he got bored. So he decided to coordinate with other top rank players to create their own event large enough to be a turning point in history. Supreme Ruler’s army led by Lufasu and the Army of light, led by heroes. An epic battle that puts Lufasu’s supremacy over Midgard on the line.

When you basically finished the game, the next step is naturally to screw around.

So, what is the outcome? Total defeat. That’s what will happen if top rank players gang up on one. Well, it’s all in good fun as Lufasu’s player merely aired some frustration and decided to call quits for the night. However, he is greeted by a strange character in the login page. The goddess of creation, Arovinasu. Standing in a welcoming stature, she relays a message to Lufasu’s player, offering him a new role. Thinking that Lufasu’s fame is finally acknowledged by the game admins, he jumps on the chance.

What a mysterious character.

His vision is blurry, hears voices, confusion spreading. I should stop ‘rapping’ because it’s not isekai slim shady. So the next thing he sees is a strange place with strangers around him cowering in fear. He felt weird. Like he is not in his body. He turned to a nearby mirror. Lo and behold, he has turned into Lufasu Mafaalu.

I already checked. The ‘Gender Bender’ tag is there.

Thus, he realized. He has been transferred to another world. He has been isekai’ed. Specifically isekai’ed into the world of Midgard, the world in Exgate Online. The strangers? A king and his subjects. They have done the summoning ritual and released the Supreme Ruler Lufasu from her seal. The player, now as Lufasu, decides to ditch the humans and explore the world for him-herself. With new found freedom and the whole world of Midgard before her, Lufasu sets of to explore the world that was once Exgate Online. A vast world of fantasy. Monsters, spirits, fairies and magic. Demon lord running amok. All set up for a wonderful isekai adventure.

Lufasu Mafaalu and Midgard before her.

A typical isekai adventure manga. At least, that’s what it looks like at first. But this manga is quite the contrary. See, this is one way subverting expectations done right. Rather than the traditional shounen isekai route, Yasei no last boss ga arawareta takes a different, more closed off path. Instead of the MC getting stronger throughout the story, Lufasu has broken the power ceiling right from the start. Well, Lufasu was once the Supreme Ruler that unified Midgard, that title is obtained from her ridiculous strength.

One of the top rank characters in Exgate Online, now in a very real fantasy setting.

The MC initially wanted to set off on a journey to explore and experience the world of Midgard of Exgate Online. But that journey was short lived. Shortly after the adventure started, a turning point sends the MC on a detour, taking up a more meaningful objective. Retracing Lufasu’s past. As the one who stood at the top of Midgard, Lufasu had a lot of assets. Weapons, wealth and dear companions were once all gathered around her. Upon her defeat, everything was lost and Lufasu’s dear companions scattered. So with so much to retrieve in a land taken over by demons, the journey is turning out to be quite an adventure.

Now, the MC is experiencing it from Lufasu’s point of view.

All this time, he has only played as the character Lufasu Mafaalu in Exgate Online. Now that Midgard has moved from an online world to a real one, the MC gets to see what has transpired from Lufasu’s defeat as the Supreme Ruler. Like when discovering a fantasy ruin, rather than explore and find treasures, it’s a completely different feeling to explore, learn and understand the ruins and its history.

The throne of the Supreme Ruler that stood empty for 200 years.

And true enough, the story centers around retrieval, discovery and mystery. Right from the start the story is shrouded with mystery. It initially doesn’t show it as it is still wearing that isekai adventure mask. But as soon as the mask slips off, the string of questions starts. Sometimes, the questions are answered. Sometimes the answers just lead to more questions. The theme of isekai adventure is still there but instead of wondering what will be discovered, Lufasu will be wondering what has changed.

17 (2).jpg
The fantasy world of Midgard was accepted as a matter of fact. Instead the real question asked is what happened after Lufasu was gone.

But what about the world of Midgard? Having been fashioned out as the MMORPG Exgate, surely the world will be vast and fantastic. Yes, but there is one game aspect that still persisted into the fantasy world. The game elements of Exgate are integrated into the world. Levels, Skills, EXP, and the numerical values that go with them. These game like elements shape everything, separating the strong and the weak and creating a power hierarchy in the world. This is good as it firmly establish power levels and readers are able to gauge the strength and abilities of each character.

Stats of Lufasu Mafaalu, the former Supreme Ruler.

As for the locations set in the story. Hm.. I actually find it lacking. Since the story strayed off an adventurous route for a more brooding one, the world of Midgard is reduced to locations and landmarks strung together by travel scenes. Every event is enclosed in one location, so the story follows a trend of Lufasu and her companions travelling to said location, causing a ruckus before ultimately resolving a disaster or a conflict. After that, Lufasu just packs up and leave for the next location. The locations are special and are quite an interesting feature in the story. Unique, purposeful places that really compliments the story. However, these wonderful locations are usually displayed in a establishing shot before moving on to a more character centric scene.

It’s a shame really. Especially when the locations are a significant feature of the story. But some things have to be cut back for the plot.

Now, from the way I put it, it sounds like a slog to read through the story but I’m just describing the simple framework of the story. All those juicy mysteries and wonders that I hailed in a previous paragraph made the story deep and naturally flowing. If you are familiar to videogames, specifically JRPGs, I’d say this story is akin to Final Fantasy X. The locations in the game are all enclosed spaces and the story is more centered on the characters. In terms of the story framework, ‘Yasei no Last Boss Arawareta!’ is a splitting image of Final Fantasy X.

1499541996_Laughing Tidus.jpg
Well, Lufasu will not be laughing like a lunatic like Tidus though.

That said, another charm of the manga is Lufasu herself. As the Supreme Ruler, she changed the course of history for the entirety of Midgard. Even her disappearance serves as a turning point in history. What’s more, the MC (and the reader) will trace Lufasu’s footsteps as Lufasu herself. Lufasu is cool headed and very composed. Whether it is a trait shared by the MC or not, it is expected of Midgard’s former Supreme Ruler and the MC as Lufasu mesh together nicely with citizans of Midagard. So much so that as the story progress through the chapters, I began to see less of the MC and see more of Lufasu Mafaalu.

A brilliant scene that hints towards one of the mysteries in the story.

Like a painting with its frame, Lufasu interacts with many great characters in her adventure. Be it her long lost companions, her former friends that sealed her or a summoned hero straight out from modern day Japan (Yup, this manga went there too), there is never a dull moment with them. Having various character traits and their own past interactions with Lufasu, they show different perspectives in regards to Lufasu and her influence during her time as the Supreme Ruler. Although, the villains in the game are quite shallow and often die within a short time after their encounter. Well, with the former Supreme Ruler, even strong villains are just basic fodder.

An effortless slaughter.

The interesting and compelling villains are far out of reach and will likely appear near the end of the story. Nonetheless, their power and influence is nothing to scoff at. It gives a sense of urgency as their pieces are slowly uncovered throughout the story. Another slew of mysteries in this story. Starting out as the former Supreme Ruler greatly lowered the stakes but those stakes slowly build up as more and more of the world is revealed. A brilliant method to keep the manga’s energy from plateauing and keeping readers engaged and invested.

Have a look at this series. This manga is a true gem. It is akin to a peculiar puzzle in which the pieces that slowly fall into place. Yet with those pieces, tell an interesting story all the same. If you’re interested in an adventure story with fantasy elements and a robust story, this is a definite recommendation. The isekai trope may be a tired one but very little elements of isekai is in the story. The game elements are very prominent and serves good reference for readers to understand the stakes in a situation. The ‘gender bender’ tag may seem to be worrisome on this manga (because gender bender always goes weird in Japanese manga), but have no fear. There is none of the crazy gender bender stuff at all. This manga is a well done piece. An amazing story that I’d love to read to the end. The story of ‘Yasei no Last Boss Arawareta!’ is complete. There are 193 chapters in the webnovel and the light novel is complete with 9 volumes in total. This monthly manga is still far from ending and I really hope for this series to be made into an anime. Aside from Lufasu Mafaalu, there are many interesting scenes and characters I’ve yet to describe in detail. It is another mystery hidden in this series. So have a look if you want to find out.

A compelling story awaits you.

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