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Let's start by answering an important question: "What can I buy with Manna?"

Manna Supporters Launch Online Store

Check out MannaBasics, where now you can buy food and other essential products with Manna currency. MannaBasics.com was started as an independent initiative, not by the Mannabase team itself. We're proud that members of the Manna community are starting great projects like this. Several Mannabase employees have already bought food from this store and had it delivered – yum!

MannaBasics describes its mission: "to grow the use of Manna by making it possible to get a basic necessity with it – food. ... We only accept Manna as payment, and we sell our goods as close to cost as possible ... We believe everyone has a right to food – and the more people receive and use a basic income, the easier it will be to fulfill the vision of a world without want."

At this time, MannaBasics only delivers to customers in the United States. We encourage Manna supporters to create similar online stores around the world.

If you want to buy products with Manna and need more of the currency than you receive as basic income, you can buy Manna on the market. Remember: Every time you buy and use Manna, you're helping Manna gain value and become a more legitimate currency – and you're increasing the value everyone receives as UBI.

Manna Team Starts Blog on Steemit

Steemit is a blogging platform where readers reward bloggers with cryptocurrency. Check out our new Steemit blog, where we write about the Manna project, Universal Basic Income, economics, blockchain, and related subjects.

Money we earn on Steemit will be used to support the price of Manna – so please start reading our blog and upvoting our articles!

Founders Interviewed on Video

Check out these videos from the Block2theFuture conference last month in San Francisco:

Eric Stetson & Jon Frechin at Block2theFutureManna founder Eric Stetson and co-founder Jon Frechin speaking on stage in panel discussion with basic income activist Scott Santens.

Eric Stetson and Scott Santens discussing UBI and the Manna project in podcast interview with blockchain journalist Jeremy Nation.

Upcoming Events

May 18: Eric Stetson speaks at the Blockchain Center Tech & Invest conference in New York.

May 26: Eric Stetson speaks at the North American Basic Income Guarantee (NABIG) congress in Hamilton, Ontario.

July 1: "Manna-fest" meeting in Virginia, livestreamed online, with presentations by Manna team members and Q&A. More details to be announced next month.

Rapid Growth of Mannabase Continues!

We're up to 185,000 registered users, and growing at a rate of 1,000 to 2,000 new users per day. 90,000 people have gone through the full signup process to verify their account for UBI distributions.

With a user base this big and growing so fast, we're planning to build a lot more on Mannabase – to develop it into a platform for direct giving to targeted groups of people, nonprofit organizations, and creators like artists and musicians who deserve a basic income.

We'll be sharing more details of our business plan in the coming weeks. The UBI distributions are just the beginning... so stay tuned!

Thank you for your support for the Manna project!


this project will be developed in a great way in venezuela firstly we have problems with the distribution of food and with hyperinflation what has led us to use cryptocurrencies to survive manna solve several problems and also grow very fast in our country here we have communities of dash , BTC, nano doge and other cryptocurrencies thousands of people exchanging coins for fiat, come and services

Are you going to build a community site? Are you planning to have a grant fund for promotion projects? Can you also start a Discord channel? Most crypto projects are going to Discord.

has a good price and has a single market to buy everything indicates that when you get a large or medium exchange could increase its price and also its price would also grow with the marketing of their food products

In order for Manna to become the "Go To" currency for the masses it must be easy to trade it with just a cell phone at any open market or store in the world. I'm thinking about farmers at a farmers market getting some kind of incentive for signing up customers and then trading their produce in Manna coins. It would be both logical and convenient if every open market and trade day/flea market in the world were encouraged to both sign up their customers for, and give discounts for customers who used Manna. It is the people who shop at these venues who will benifit the most from and are more likely to adopt the platform. 😉

Your post is very good!


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