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March Madness and Sport lovers unite!

I'm trying to do something unique here on Steemit. As far as sport contest go I know there is some absolutely incredible sport contest with great prizes. Along with March Madness I'm sure there will be some great bracket contest that I will update here and also take part in.

March Madness is one of the greatest sports tournaments out there. Single elimination, buzzer beaters, buckets, cinderella stories, David vs Goliath scenarios. March Madness seriously has it all, and what better way to make part in March Madness then having the chance to win some steem!


Around the middle of the NFL season last year I stumbled upon this sports app here on Steemit that allows you to make 10 pre game questions and then around a dozen set of live questions that come in groups of 4. It league standings, live score updates, leaderboards, chat room. It essentially has it all to make a fun contest for anyone looking to follow March Madness. Another awesome feature is the notification setting which allows you to get your picks in even if you're not watching the game (Will be important if you want to win the grand prize!)


Down bellow I'll explain in details everything about the contest and how to get started (100% free, or else I wouldn't have decided to go in this direction)

  • It's free and easy to use (tokens you just watch adds and you can get 1 every hour, cost 6 to play a game).
  • Win amazon cards and also cash prizes within the app.
  • Has a chat room so Steemit members can talk in it.

As you can see FireFan matches a bonus if someone you invite wins a prize. If it does happen I will match the value of the gift card or cash into Steem and donate it to a charity of that persons choice to make it fair.


DATE: The contest will run from March 10th 2018 - April 4th 2018 (If successful will start a new one after)
TIME: I will be choosing two NCAA games a day. Using time zones efficiently so most people can play at least one game!


PRIZE: 17 Steem (unless some donations come in)
BONUS: Will be 100% SBD from all posts.

  1. Resteem this post before the contest starts.
  2. Power up the 10 Steem prize.
  3. Be a member of Steemit.

IF the winner doesn't qualify to earn the bonus, or if I end up winning it. Then half will be donate to IFC (Information Finding Championship) and the other half will be donated to SPL (Steem Poker League).


  1. Use this link to join the league Sports League FF!!
  2. Search for the league: Steem Fantasy and join it!
  3. Search for FireFan in the Google play store, App store, or however you search for apps.
  4. Use the code Steem so you can join our league.
  5. Search for league: Steem Fantasy and join it!


I will post two games a day. Probably one of the earliest games and one of the latest games to allow everyone to join a game. It will be a point system based on the amount of points you get in a game. You can decide yourself if you choose to play one game or both. Each game costs 6 tokens which you can get for FREE in the app by watching 20 second adds(I do it once an hour).

I will use the better score obviously if you play both

Points in AppLeaderboard Points
100 - 1991
200 - 2992
300 - 3993
400 - 4994
500 - 5995



If I missed that you resteemed or you think I have messed up your point total please let me know!

Enjoy some March Madness! Any questions feel free to join the discord chat and I or hopefully some of the new members will be able to help you out!

Fantasy League [FF] Discord chat

CRYSTAL: @o07 - 5 Steem
PLATINUM: @josefinemk - 2 STEEM

Kryptocek Steem flag 2.png


Hey @kryptocek

My tips are done, and will kick in 5 steem for your cause.

Also hit resteem to my followers to spread the news!


Awesome! I might only use the pre game pick points, if not enough people have time to play along live with the game! Thanks @o07 :)

Oh yea buddy you know I'm in!

wheuu beauty! I'm not sure how quick I can get a few people involved! We'll see what happens! Either way should be a fun time. You'll have to help me with what games to pick!

I think I can do that, haha. Bracket comes out Sunday and then the fun begins!

Oh yeah! Im pumped man, gonna start a few random games tomorrow so people can get a feel for it if they join! But either way someone winning 10 Steem :D

Whoop whoop! There should be a lot of good games tomorrow, championship Saturday!

Absolutely man! I sent you 10 SP over so you can hold it till we get a winner in a about 3 weeks time :D! So I don't power it up accidentally.

hahaha, totally fair. I'll take good care of it!

An interesting concept. While I'll be traveling during the tournament, I may have to devote a bit of time to playing this one... Good luck!

If you get the time you should definitely find the time to play! :D

awesome man! the prize is at 17 Steem now! You'll see where to get the free tokens! Theres two games tonight and its posted in my most recent post!

Don't know how to make my picks.

You make the pre game picks (10) and then when the game is live there are live questions!

Hey there, I think I'm in... :)

Looking forward to it man. You playing the first or second game!? Also Resteeming the initial post will add you one point in the standings. Just to help boost the post that is all :)

Never mind just seen you have done it! So 1 point for you. There will be pre game questions along with live questions during the game!!

Ι'm playing just the first one at least for today, I don't what's happening with the tokens, so I need some time to "search"it :P

Yes so the tokens just click where it says free tokens! there you will receive free tokens and are able to play! Yup you only need to play one game to get your score registered!

yeah...nice competition...i also want to join there...
i wish i will get the top scorer...

@upvoted @resteem

Yup feel free to join! Its quite easy to join!

Awww, am I too late to join?

No way man follow the post and join the league. March Madness starts in a few days! 17 Steem up for grabs!

Sweet! I thought I was too late because I see the “live leaderboard” with point already. I have folllowed your link and joined the Steem Fantasy league. I hope I did it right. Can’t wait to play. This will be my first March Madness league ever. Thanks so much for hosting. I have resteemed to upvoted.

Awesome I will add you to the leaderboard! Few things

  1. Accumulate free tokens!
  2. There will be about 5-6 rounds for the rest of the month! I will post it all
  3. The final will be April 4th and I will do the payout right after ( actually @boatsports90 will ) Since he's the one holding all the cash! Its 17 steem right now but will increase or at least the bonus will :D

Thanks, I appreciate your guidance.

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