MARIJUANA - untainted reality

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Over 95% of the world live in an illusion, a tainted reality, in more friendly terms, a customized version of what really is.

We do not see the world as it is, if we did, we would have little or no disparities, there would be almost no violence or total violence, there would be perfect organization or complete chaos, there would be zero love or perfect love.

There would be no diversities as we all would be chasing after the same things which means either perfect comptetition or ultimate collaboration.

Sadly though, no one has the big picture, the perfect picture.

You must have been wondering where marijuana comes in, I know most of you most have concluded that it is what is influencing this post. No, I'll get on it after writing this then read again to see if it is comprehensible.

We only know what we (or someone else) has seen, of which not even all of it, because we only take in like 25% of what our eyes actually meet.

Marijuana however, is a stimulant that heightens your senses, most of it. When under its infuence, you notice things you have always seen but did not realize, you understand things more fundamentally, you can distinguish between notes, instruments, moods of music. 'common' sense seems to actually come on you then.

I believe marijuana makes people more intelligent, as I believe intellect is an offshoot of experience.....what you know

This is not an endorsement of marijuana, it is an advocacy to live fuller, better informed, richer experience lives.

I rest my case



Hell yeah!

I love the greenery, it keeps the head calm and peace in mind. Makes you think creative and let you forget how harsh the world really is

Resteemd brother!

Creative is the word, you mind is expanded, I sometimes feel bad for those who don't kush

It does. Music sounds better, thoughts come easier and creativity gets a boost. Just take a look at what Shakespaere wrote ;-)

Woow.... Now it all makes sense.
Thanks for the link

Cannabis is so undervalued and looked down upon that it is actually kinda funny and unrealistic. People with power are scared of intelligent and free people because they threaten their control. It's pretty obvious why marijuana is illegal around most of the world.

Honestly, I always think why cigarettes are legal and marijuana not, cigarettes do all the harm

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