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Named after the late Kimbo Slice, Kimbo's Revenge is a cut of Kimbo Kush, which is a cross of Blackberry Kush x Starfighter

The strain that puts you on yo ass...

All Teh Feels & Smells

The bud smells of a woodsy like fruit scent. Maybe something you might smell in a large fruit garden, not entirely sweet because there is so much green to compensate. The strain lives up to it's name, as a sedative feeling comes over you after about 30 mins. Very good for being couch locked, or taking a mid-afternoon nap.

Glamour Shots

Now this is what god intended when he invented beauty.

The underbelly.

Purple and red, purple and red, purple and red...

A peek inside.

Love the packaging and logo.

Till next time, stay high as fuck! This is The Perpetual Stoner (aka @bigpchef) signing off.



i want some. I can imagine ;)

me Too eh :D :D

How would this go if it were used as medicinal? I assume it would help terminally ill or someone in extreme pain?

very much so, as science has proven. MaryJane is the best. Best not to smoke it however, it can be ingested by other means.

I've been interested in this plant for a while. I don't smoke, never have but the medicinal aspect is fascinating.
I know a few people that use it for pain relief and I'm hearing good things about it's help with Parkinson's disease symptoms.

Thanks for your blogs... fascinating.

It can help more than just terminal patients. Cannabis has shown to increase appetite, induce sleep, reduce anxiety, blood pressure, increase O2 saturation levels in blood, I could go on and on. You should do some research on the medicinal benefits of THC, AS WELL AS CBD. CBD in combination with THC can work wonders for many ailments of the human body, and psyche.

Yes, I've been looking... I think it's time to start studying.

Here in the U.K., I don't think it will be long before it's decriminalised, if not legalised.

It really is time we stopped prescribing toxic substances when there are natural remedies to be had.

Thanks for your time :)

well they will probably put high tax on it( but will it fix healthcare :(

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Why is cannabis illegal in my country? I wish I could get this stuff in a shop like normal people do.

It's a plant, it shouldn't be illegal anywhere :(

Well i do not agree with drugs it is a plant. At Least tax on it so the fucking public works actually work. It does nothing. They spent three days blocking the road but nothing happened :(

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Peace in Blunts Fam

Can I get some?Its seems nice to make you stronger.

Haha, now they are very beautiful. And your photo commentary made me laugh out loud too. :)

your post is very nice, full pack of knowledge and very attractive

looks Juicy!...yea I like being couch locked ....blackberry is an awesome strain, idk the other one starfigher but must be other good one, you guys have the best weed in world no doubt

I love that golden nug twinkling in the light......great photos and review - mine's a long couch lock around 3pm thank you :) I've never tried that strain but it's calling loud.

That bud looks real frosty!!
That package is also cool.
Here in the Netherlands they give you the cannabis in plastic little bags.
That looks more like a collectors item than a place to store cannabis in!!Love it
Have a nice day!!

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woooooww...good day brother ... ... your post is really very interesting ...thanks for shared.. i am very grateful and hope brother want to stop by to my post and give me a little upvote and I will upvote n follow u brther .. god bless u .. greating from aceh regard @ academix87

While I prefer the cerebral high you get from Sativa, I feel that just by the namealone, that I I could Squanch with this.

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