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Looking at the market on the weekend gives you another view of what is really happening.
Usually week days the pro runs the market.
Weekend it is up to us.

Double digit in the red??
The market is looking scary.
Actually I should say we are scared.
It could be just plain business as usual.
Lack of demand??

Sometimes the market is telling us something
In the eve of the halving we should see a jump in the value of bitcoin.

With the sea of uncertainties crypto currency
Is a force that taking space in our lives.
Apart from bitcoin, the new tokens are moving up the ladder.
I am watching Tezos, chainlink and many more.
Having a token on Coinbase help immensely.
#steem is profited from the witnesses and Justin dilemma.
Hopefully an accord will come to fruition for the benefit of the community. Importantly everyone should back up all witnesses with the community agenda.

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