When It Comes To Investing, Don'T Believe Everything You See On Tv

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The scary task of figuring out how much candy to make for a COVID-19 Halloween: Financial Post Staff

Martin Parent was thinking about Halloween last spring. By late April


his team at the Canadian headquarters of Mondelez International Inc. — the candy and cookie conglomerate behind the Cadbury and Maynards brands — had to make a fina…

When it comes to investing, don't believe everything you see on TV: Tom Bradley

Interest in investing is hitting new highs. Discount brokers are flooded with applications and trading volumes are surging. Despite this renewed focus, some misunderstandings persist about the realities of investing.

To illustrate, let’s deconstru…

Howard Levitt: Critical illness insurance can be a huge help, but claiming it isn't always easy: Howard Levitt

COVID-19 can cause blood clots which, in turn, cause

s strokes, leading to extensive medical intervention, physiotherapy and speech therapy. Just that case is only one of many COVID-related disability cases my firm is handling against insurers.

Canada ranked in world’s top 10 pension systems: Yadullah Hussain

The pandemic has rocked government finances across the world and led to questions about the financial durability of pension funds. But a new ranking by Mercer and the CFA Institute puts the Canada Pension Plan in the top 10. There is always room for improveme…

Rising China, waning U.S. — how Canada should navigate the changing global order: Larysa Harapyn

Director of University of Alberta’s China Institute, Gordon Houlden, speaks with Financial Post’s Larysa Harapyn about the future prospects of the tense U.S.-China and Canada-China relationships.

  • Why immigration will be vital for Canada’s…

    Unpacking the 'Australia precedent' for rebalancing power between Big Tech and news publishers: Geoffrey Morgan

    A group representing major Canadian news publishers is calling on the federal government to regulate Big Tech’s use of news content on its platforms by following a model being adopted in Australia.

    In a

    study released Thursday

    Big Tech's gain has been news publishers' pain, industry group's report finds: Barbara Shecter

    The audience for online news has grown rapidly over the past few years, but it’s large technology platforms such as Google and Facebook that have reaped most of the rewards while traditional news-gathering operations have suffered.

    That’s one of t…

    Jack M. Mintz: In government spending and deficits, we're now No. 1 in the world: Jack M. Mintz

    Unproductive public spending outstripping economic growth will be our real albatross threatening prosperity in years ahead

    Canada is having a much better crisis than the U.S., though some fret about debt and deficits: Kevin Carmichael

    You’ve likely heard the cliche that when the United States sneezes, Canada catches a cold. What if that no longer happens? What if both get sick, but Canada gets better sooner because it has a stronger immune system?

    Beata Caranci, chief economist…

    This millennial couple rakes in $250,000, but will building a dream home bust their budget?: Victor Ferreira

    For seven years, an Edmonton couple we’ll call Tina and Drake have lived by the gospel of their budget.

    Neither one can point to exactly why they started laying out a budget or what influenced them to be so guarded with their money, but it has evo…

    Government spending is becoming a problem and printing money is a dangerous solution: Martin Pelletier

    People around the globe are rightly concerned about the health risks from the second wave of COVID-19, but there is a growing economic risk that we believe many are choosing to ignore — in large part for political reasons.

    Government spending is b…

    Why immigration will be vital for Canada's economic recovery: Larysa Harapyn

    Scotiabank Senior Economist Marc Desormeaux speaks with the Financial Post’s Larysa Harapyn about Scotiabank’s provincial outlook report.

    • Ottawa taking a stake in airlines is better than seeing the industry collapse
    • ‘Hard to main…

      Holiday shopping expected to shift online even more, stoking concerns about delivery capacity: Financial Post Staff

      The expected surge in online shopping during the holiday season is stoking concerns in the retail sector that Canada’s courier network won’t be able to keep up with deliveries.

      Deloitte’s Holiday Retail Outlook released on Tuesday found that the a…

      David Rosenberg: Why the Fed's moves matter more to Canada than those of our own central bank: David Rosenberg

      Canada has far outdone the average country in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development when it comes to both the fiscal and monetary policy measures to combat the economic pain from COVID-19. It goes without saying that fiscal policy, with …

      The retirement downsizing myth: No, seniors aren't moving in droves — and that will affect the housing market: Jason Heath

      Retirement community developers, for-profit retirement homes, and aspiring young homebuyers are all counting on aging seniors to downsize their homes. While some seniors will move to a smaller home, what if they do not downsize to the degree expected?

      U.S. government files antitrust lawsuit against Google - Financial Post: Reuters

      1. U.S. government files antitrust lawsuit against Google Financial Post
      2. U.S. Justice Department files antitrust lawsuit against Google CBC.ca
      3. Google accused of abusing monopoly power in landmark US case BNN
      4. Google search…

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