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We are self isolating as much as we can, due to the covid 19 outbreak. So for today's #marketfriday I'm using Amazon Fresh for the first time.

(I am at home 100%, poor Hubby still has to go to work. He is just going to work and then straight home though. And, it helps that they can stay a decent amount of space apart where he works. I don't love that he has to work right now, but it is what it is.)

I placed my order on March 17th but it can take up to three days for it to be delivered. The first time I tried to order, all three delivery days were filled up.

I decided to be sneaky. I stayed up late that night and placed my order just after midnight. Doing that meant Friday's, (today), delivery times had not been booked up yet.


The store shelves were pretty thin, if not empty the last time we went. It was nice to find most of what we need on Amazon Fresh.


I even managed to order some eggs for today. There were no eggs in sight at the store. I was actually pleasantly surprised by the pricing too. Some items costed more than I would typically pay but we are not going to get brand or sale selections at a time like this.

It's currently 7:40 AM. My order should be here between 8-10 AM. I plan to let this post sit until it arrives so I can let you know how it went. It will be interesting to see how it arrives. Will it be in bags like from the store, or in boxes...


It arrived at 9:22 AM and as you can see, in paper bags. I was very happy with how it was packed. The cold food, was cold. My only complaint, is they didn't ring my door bell. Since I was home and heard them it was not an issue. (I didn't go out to get it until they left.)

All in all, I am very happy with ordering groceries from Amazon Fresh and will do it again if needed.

#marketfriday is by the lovely @dswigle You should pay her a visit! :)

If You Are Reading This, I Hope You Have An Awesome Day!

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I have tried Amazon fresh and our local supermarket for delivery as we are trying to stay in for the most part, We have been getting between 50 to 60% of what we order available when it comes time for delivery, but I will take whatever we can get if I can also avoid having to come into contact with many people

I was lucky, I got everyone except one item and I knew when I went to pay that they ran out of it when I was ordering.

I did not even know they did this! You gave me a great idea for my Amazon front end store, I am going to add all of the paper goods and such that would save folks a lot of trips out. Thanks Deb!

I had no clue they did it either. You do have to have Prime and make sure they deliver the Fresh items to your area. I actually am just using the Prime free trial at the moment.

I have never tried the fresh produce and groceries on Amazon, but I do order everything else. I will have to keep that in mind for when I can not get what I need. I love the after midnight sneakyness. ;-)

I tried the after midnight thing at 5 after midnight last night and it appeared others had thought of that too and took all the delivery times up. lol I'll try again tonight but right on the midnight mark.

I love Amazon Prime for this and wish more people would use it, especially when they are at risk. They are offering everyone a free trial right now, so there it takes some of the stings out of using it.

This was a most wonderful #MarketFriday AND a heads up for people who didn't' know they did this. Thank you for taking the time and effort to put it together, Deb!!! It's awesome!

#MarketFriday loves you!

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