My Rubbing Alcohol and a Dirty Old Man Story #marketfriday

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One would think that buying a bottle of Rubbing Alcohol would be a pretty ordinary thing. Well, let me tell you, my last outing to pick a bottle up was anything but ordinary.

For starters we are in the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak. So, when I noticed our bottle of Rubbing Alcohol was almost empty, I knew it might be sparse on the shelves.

The Dollar Store was the 3rd stop in my quest to attain the one bottle of Rubbing Alcohol that I desired.

Since the big box stores were all completely out of it, I was shocked to see three 16 ounce bottles on the shelf. I normally buy the big bottle so I picked up two of them.

That said, they did still have plenty of the 70% but I was looking for the 91% Isopropyl Alcohol.

I decided to walk around the store to see if I wanted to buy anything else. An older man approached me, looking at the Rubbing Alcohol that I was holding.

(I didn't have a cart.)

He asked me if they had more Rubbing Alcohol and I told him they did. He then starts to tell me how God made all of these plants, that can heal us. I agreed but then his conversation took a left turn...

He decided to inform me that they know of a mussel from the sea that cures erectile dysfunction.

While this should have shocked me, I had to laugh. I was a CNA, (certified nurses aide), for ten years. So not much can shock me, especially from an older person.

I got a sinking feeling, he was trying to pick me up though so I just laughed as I walked away, checked out and went home.

I would have never guessed buying Rubbing Alcohol would teach me something that I didn't need to know. Ha!

#marketfriday is by the lovely @dswigle

On a more serious note:

There have been many school closings, here in Indiana, and kids are going to be doing classes via online.

We went to Kroger to grab a few last minute items last night...


The above photo shows how a lot of the store looked. That said, we did get what we went looking for but grabbed the last one of a couple of items because one was all they had left.

It's getting a little scary. I hope you all stay safe!!

If You Are Reading This, I Hope You Have An Awesome Day!

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That was quite the encounter with the old fellow. 😂

Things are sure getting scary with the threat of the virus everywhere.

Take care and be safe. 💕

Thanks! We don't plan on going back to the stores, unless really necessary, until the worst is over.

LOL the world is ending and we are all going to die...but the old men are still going to flirt hehehe! OMG these times we live in...Or think of it this way, maybe you are so adorable they guys cant help themselves ;) Stay safe Deb!!

I'm glad I have a really good sense of humor about it, he was smiling when I walked away. I guess he was just happy not to have someone flat turn him down. lol You stay safe too my friend!

Lol..too funny Deb! I like the way you handled it and think I would've reacted the same way. Just a little laugh and walk away. Good thing you got that alcohol when you did. I think I may need another kind of alcohol here 🍷 😉

You and me both. I told Hubby the other day that we may need to start drinking just to deal with the craziness over everything. lol ;)

Good job. I enjoyed reading the post.

Thank you.

It is crazy the items many are emptying the shelves out of. Soon they will be back to get what they where leaving behind wondering where it all went as well.

Stay safe!

It really is crazy! I think we can avoid the stores, at least for a bit now. I don't wish to go back, due to crowds, germs or the fights that may break out so we are going to try to make what we have last for awhile.

You stay safe too!!

We were declared a state of emergency yesterday after 2 cases were found. Our shelves have been getting bare for a week now. People started buying when Italy got bad. Stay safe Debralee.

Thanks, you too sunscape! So far we have 16 cases here, but I suspect more since they are not testing the way they should be.

Always an amazing market from you! I want to let you know how much I appreciate all the time and effort you have spent creating a wonderful post for the challenge this week. It has been crazy here, but, I am glad that you took the time to post!

Thank you so much !!!

#MarketFriday loves you!

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Thanks dswigle! I know times are crazy and busy so no worries there. I love #MarketFriday too!

Thank you for understanding!!! xoxo

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When I used to work at a health food store, I had this sweet older lady come up to me with a newspaper clipping clutched to her chest. She said, "I want to ask you if you have something, but I don't want to say the name, and I don't want you to say the name, either!"
And then she showed me an advert for a bath salt mix we had, called "Tired Old Ass Soak." XD
Sometimes the elderly encounters are the best in a grocery store. :D

I love that and I love the elderly! They are just like kids, we never know what to expect next. lol <3

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