Market Friday - A Malaysian Style.

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Finally, this is the first time I get to write about #MarketFriday hosted by the lovely hostess @dswigle!

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Photos were taken at B.I.G. (Ben Independent Grocer), at IPC Mall, Damansara. Inside this Grocer, there's a section been decorated into a nostalgic grocery store in the good old days in Malaysia, especially the Chinese style.

In the old days, things were hung all over the store, inside and outside because space is just too small to put everything in. Spices were kept in ceramic containers, flours and rice were kept in gunny bags and display outside on the walkway.

This is what I found so interesting about this particular section - Malaya Kitchen! The design was in an old-style wooden door and windows. They "tried" to display according to the 60's era with a bit of modern style.

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The big steel bowl that they used for the spices, I still remember my house used to have those where my mum used them to put soup when I was still a little kid.

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The ones hanging are called Yee Mee, it's deep-fried flat Cantonese egg noodles made from wheat flour, and many local likes to use it to cook noodle soup or dried noodle.

Below it is some of the sauces that can be used for all types of cooking. Malaysia is a country of multiracial, so our taste bud is kind of mixed as in we can take other cultures ways of cooking, or even mixed 2 cultures style's up and become our own fusion dish.

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There's even more surrounding the store.

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BIG Market10.jpg

Beside Yee Mee you saw hanging up there, there are also all sorts of noodles, like Bee Hoon, Rice Vermicelli, Wonton Egg Noodles, Kway Teow, Misuah and many more...

The small packets are the Ready to cook sauces, spices, pastes for all kinds of local food, like Asam Laksa, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Rendang, Curry, Steam Fish Sauce... The food manufacturers have made our life easier but also less authentic comparing doing the sauce from fresh ingredients. The duality of life...

BIG Market06.jpg

Here we have all types of rice inside the gunny bags, just like the old time. In the old days, we don't have that many choices of rice but now we have more than we can handle with Multi-Grain Rice, Basmati Rice, Thai Fragrant Rice, Brown Rice... So many!

The good thing is they sell the rice in loose ones too, so we can choose to buy a small amount and change to another kind next time if it doesn't suit our taste.

You can see above the gunny bags are some ready-packed rice if you are too lazy to pick yourself.

BIG Market08.jpg

Pickles! We have all kinds of packed and loose vegetable pickles, mainly from China, as Chinese really love cooking or eating their pickles. Mainly there are Radishes, Cucumbers, Melos, Prunus, Garlic and All types of Vegetables... Oh, not forgetting to mention the ready packed Salted Duck Eggs too.

Alright, I guess that's it for today's Friday market shopping. Hope you like the photos and some of the descriptions given, although it's not in details, hope it's enough to let you see how we live around here. See you in my next post!

Thank you!


All photos were taken with my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

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congratulations with a start post. a nice story, I enjoyed reading it. as a big fan of rice and coffee, I would like to see more quality close-up photos of these gunny bags and their content! ( well, its just me.... if you let me my personal requests, haha! )
btw, I never too lazy to pick rice from the big bags myself! no way. I like the process! doing it not at the market, tho, but at the local Auchan mall most of the time...

Noted on your request, will snap some on my next trip there.

It's rare to be able to pick the rice yourself nowadays over here...

thank you.



Hey @joelai, here is a little bit of BEER from @qwerrie for you. Enjoy it!

Brought back so many good old memory and nostalgic feeling. I have not seen gunny sacks in a long long time.

Me too!!

Thanks for share your Friday experience

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Thank you.

Everything at single place, Nice photographs my friend.
Thanks for share with us.

Thank you too!

Hey @joelai thanks for taking us to this store. There are so much stuff that I have never seen before. So much spices and flavorings, I wouldn't know what to buy.

Thank you for stopping by too @watersnake101!

This was great Joe! @joelai I love perusing the market that is not very familiar with me. I cannot believe that they are taking shortcuts to make life easier! Your country is the last of the holdouts!

But, you are correct in that fresh always tastes so much better, so I am glad there are still people who cook like that! It was a wonderful #Marketfriday post! Thank you so much!

#MarketFriday loves you!

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Thank you @dswigle, I'm so glad you enjoy this market!
Modern life has changed our lifestyle tremendously nowadays, I wish we are able to remain the traditions for many more years.

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