Marketfriday at locally different places by @sheikh27.

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Hello steemians

Here is my entry for the day of photography by @sheikh27 on a #marketfriday which is sponsored by @dswigle.

So, here is another friday and this dedicated to market and our lifestyle.

This is a little bit sadness as covid-19 is on going and this street food van is stopped, so many like this type are stop working. Hope it will soon reopen and served its regular service to here and there.

Life becomes a more true story and its happened, a boy is doing heavy metal workshop task despite its risk and age matter. When your stomack is empty its useless about the ethics!

Its folk music instrument market, lots of single wire manual device called 'ektara' and playing for 'baowl' folk song. 'Lanon Shah' is famous folk singer for the last century, and this folk song is know of his name LALON. You can find out this 'ektara' (one wire/string) in this photo hanging in a row.

At early closed all market in between lockdown. Lots of peoples are careless about their health, safety and protection.

This photo is taken place by its name that means the trip with the boat. It belongs lots of stuff for selling and you could easily find them into the photo.

A fisherman just soaking and cleaning his fishing net into the river. They are depending on the river a part of earning to maintaining their life.

A boy hold shrimp and smiling because this shrimp will be added their dinner and its collect from near swamp which related to river. The smile is very charming on his face, isn't it!

Thats all for today #marketfriday, see you next week with the same topic at here.

Thanks for supporting me.

Best regards from @sheikh27

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