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Market Friday goes to a conjusted Indian market today with mom. I bought two pairs of slippers -both for my mom. They costed 12$ in total.

Also, I bought some fancy erasers for my nieces. One pack costed 1$ each. I basically love all cute stuff and buy for my nieces whenever I see them in market.








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I don't know how people can live in such crowded place. That's not for me, definitely. I need peace and quiet! 😂

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So good to see you buying goods for your mother Vibi.
Also for your nieces and you have a very kind heart!
Blessings and enjoy your weekend!

nice ones ! beautiful 🌺 i like crowded stores

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Your nieces and mother are very lucky to have you take the time to buy them lovely gifts @vibesforlife It looks like you have plenty of variety to choose from.
Love the quite you included in your post. We need to be grateful for what we have. 🌻

8I would say that it is pretty exciting times and a busy Market where you live. It's not always a bad thing because busy places are a little more competitive and you are better prices, sometimes anyway. I am going to guess that motorcycle is the mode of transportation there 4 motorbikes or even bicycles, but let's say that public transportation probably rules. I find it interesting to walk around crowded cities like this and just people watch. People are very interesting and their habits and how they react to things.

I am glad that you found slippers for your mom and have fortunate that you got a good price! And I will bet that your little nieces for estatic with the cute little erasers a book them. I know my little girls would have loved them especially the My Little Pony! I want to thank you for bringing me your Market and it's always interesting to see could different cultures and so I thank you for bringing us India today. A most wonderful post and I want to thank you for being part of Market Friday.

#MarketFriday loves you !

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thank you for this wonderful comment and interesting one like yeah conjusted can mean good too :)

It is always my pleasure!

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