Market Penetration and Niche Marketing Considerations

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In any industry, it would be the ideal dream of all people to be able to become the market leader in the industry they are catering to. But in most cases as well, most organizations have to face reality that to become a market leader entails a lot of investment, most of which are financial aids and time.

Entering a market for the very first time, despite tons of knowledge and strategies does not necessarily mean that any organization or person for the matter will become an overnight success. A curing time to allow market awareness and soliciting consumer feedback and probable acceptance will still be keys to the success of any business related endeavor.

For most wise market strategists, a careful evaluation and study of the market that they are planning to penetrate is in order. Doing the necessary research work, planning procedures and mapping out their various strategic planning measures will be put to the ultimate test. Regardless of what industry it is, an immediate decision to get into the market will surely be a waste of time.

Some points to consider for the serious entrepreneurs:

  1. Identify The Purpose of your Existence
  2. Choose a Business Genre
  3. Study the Current Active Market Players and Enumerate them
  4. Gather data and historical data to evaluate the response of the market
  5. Identify the lacking needs for consumer satisfaction and demands
  6. List down the itineraries and issues for concern
  7. Create a timeline and thorough study of the market
  8. Execute the Plans immediately upon uniform agreement

While there may be other steps that can be added to what has been listed above, this will entirely depend on the planning and management team. For sure, the establishment of guidelines, vision and mission, purpose and expected output from perceived operations will be critical. There is no doubt that varied ideas will surface and once they do, proper justification from these shall be needed. Thus the importance of proper evaluation and analysis of available statistical data is needed to support such claims from the research and development team.

For the conservative and patient professionals, identifying a niche market of consumers that have not been targeted by market leaders is another good way to go. While there will be limitations, serving this portion of the consumer market will help most people start somewhere.

No doubt that this can eventually lead to steps towards coming face to face with the market leader, but such should be secondary in nature. For sure, there is no doubt that immediately going head to head with the major players in the market is inappropriate in the young stages of the business.

Eventually, the business will get there, and once that time comes, such organizations will have already ready plans to give these corporations a run for their money.


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