The Magic Formula To Sell ANYTHING

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We often believe that to sell something we need to have complex knowledge about marketing, or it won't sell. It's not.

It's true we live in a world full of information and advertising, and every advertising attemp has to work very hard to get noticed and not confused with all the rest of information.

The world of advertising is rising very fast and becoming more and more competitive, so our messages have to become more sophisticated to our public.

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Which are the basic principles behind any kind of advertising? ATTRACT people's ATTENTION and PERSUADE people to take action (buy). 

This idea has been the same on the marketing principles since it's very beginning, and the human nature doesn't change. Sure that to persuade someone to do something (in this case, buy what you're selling) you need to grab their attention by making them interested on your service/product, because only then they'll take the action you want , which is buying your product or service.

The main problem, is that there is A LOT of people trying to sell things that may be very similar to yours, and also there can be a price competition. So you have to win the public attention by shining more from the rest, and this is where the magic formula works.

Only four steps you need to follow:


A= Attention.

I= Interest.

D= Desire.

A= Action.

You only need to follow this steps in any piece you write, and it will help you on your way trying to make the consumer aware of your product to then make him try it and make the purchase decision.


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You need to grab the consumer attention's in order to make them interested to read what you're trying to sell. It can be by using powerful words or a catchy image that makes them to not stop reading what you're going to say.

Remember that subjetc lines are the one that will encourage people to open the text and read the content.


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Now you have the consumer attention, now you have to manage this attention in order to make them spend their precious time fully understanding your message and what you're trying to sell. 

You have people attention, now you have to gain the reader's interest. This is more deep and complicated than grabing their attention. 

It can give you more time to do it, but you have to do it always trying to stay focused on the costumer needs. I mean, try to pick out the ideal messages which are relevant, to make them being fully absorbed in your product.


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You built the reader's interest, he wants to know what you're trying to offer, but now you have to make them understand how your product can help them in their life, in a real way. You need them to DESIRE your product. How can you do it? by appealing to their personal wants and needs.

 Make the consumer develop a positive disposition toward your product.


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So you have people's attention, you made them feel interested in your product, you managed their needs and wants in order to make them desire your product and now you have to be very clear in what action are they going to take in order to buy what you're selling, something like "click here to more information", or "call 1827292 to have it now", will be effective.

Now that you know how this magic formula works, I'm going to show you an example of it:

We're trying to sell a dancing course:


Tired of being always sitted on all the parties? You're losing the opportunity of talking with some ladies because you don't dance? Would you like to be able to impress any girl?


Dancing is more than an excellent cardio, it's a way to meet new people at parties and cause a nice impression. If you're in a relationship and neither if you dance, it can strength your relationship and your bound. All this while you are burning some calories and releasing endorphins (happiness hormone).


Think about everything that will change in your life in you just take the time to learn how to dance. It's a long-term investment because you'll never forget what you learned and you will be able to apply it for the rest of your life. 


It's very simple to start, just call me at 284828 and I will tell you all the information you need to start dancing as soon as possible.

This is one of the most effective initiatives you can do for your business to help it grow faster. Try this new strategy to help your services / products get read more often, and lead your consumers toward action. Try AIDA, give it an oopportunity. 

You can use this in any kind of marketing.

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