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The Hardest Part Of Starting A Business


The hardest part I'm having starting my own business is the grind. There are some days where I wake up and just think, "Oh my god, I don't want to send these cold emails" or "Is this really going to work?" or "Maybe we should try this new cool way to make money!"

I'm starting a Facebook ad and video production business and putting in the hours seems to be the hardest part. Its been 3 1/2 months now and we've started to figure things out, but the initial excitement has worn down and when we hit a low point I really felt it.

The second month in business we pulled in around 4k which was awesome! Better than I could have hoped for after 2 months. But then we stopped client acquisition and month 3 we made next to nothing. So we hit the cold emails hard again.

Those first couple days of sending emails were really hard. There was no money coming in. Nothing in the pipeline and we were scrambling to find any sort of money we could. I started to question if things were going to work out and that really tested my emotional grit.

I could have easily just given up. Said that things aren't worth it and gotten a normal job. I mean it's hard spending all day sending emails to people who need your service just to get one response that says "Not interested".

But we kept pushing and slowly things started to pick up. We figured out the best templates to use and the best people to talk to and after about a week of struggle we finally had some clients who wanted to work with us.

Now September is looking to be our biggest month yet and our team is still reaching out to people so we don't have another slow month in October. It's a lot easier to work when things are going well and those tough times test your will to make this work.

Personally, I think the difference between us and the other people who have failed after 3.5 months is that they decided to stop pushing.

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