How To Market Your New Speaking Career

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How To Market Your New Speaking Career. How many times have you been asked by a client, "What do you think your speaking career is going to be like?" It's not as uncommon an ask as it used to be, but I still get it a lot. As much as I love being a speaker, I know that most people want someone with whom they can "talk shop" - a way of saying that they're interested in what you're doing and would like to hear more about it. So let's talk about some ways that you can best present yourself so that you can make the most out of your new speaking career.

This is a question that almost everyone who's just getting started in business asks, and if you haven't yet established yourself as a serious and trustworthy business professional you may find this question a bit difficult to answer. You'll have to take stock in what kind of business you currently conduct and determine exactly how you plan to market your new speaking career.

If you currently work for yourself (and chances are you have) you may feel fine leaning towards selling your services to other people. If you've developed your own website, blog or other media presence you'll probably also feel comfortable communicating your services to other people on a regular basis. You should consider scheduling a few speaking engagements per month, especially if you've developed a following of clients that regularly contact you about various matters related to your business.

If you don't operate a brick-and-mortar business, you may find that marketing your new speaking career comes down to using traditional methods of marketing. Book signings, press conferences, networking events, and trade shows are all good forms of advertising. When you start asking yourself how to market your new speaking career, you may also want to think about launching your business with a strategic alliance. This can bring you clients from both traditional and nontraditional sources and can prove very lucrative.

Another approach to marketing your new speaking career is to focus on one specific area. You might choose to focus on introducing new speakers at conventions or other corporate events. You could also focus on freelance writing or designing art for other local businesses. When you decide how to market your new speaking career, you'll want to take stock of your current clients and see if any of them would be a good fit for you. If you can establish a client-friendly rapport with your current clients, you'll find it much easier to attract new clients as well.


So how to market your new speaking career? It's really simple when you put the planning down on paper. Once you have a clear idea of what types of clients you might be interested in working with, start looking at all of the ways you can use these clients to promote yourself. You might want to take the time to talk with your existing clients and see what they are looking for. Maybe they need some content editing or they're just not used to receiving sales pitches. Once you have determined what your ideal clients are, you can then start working on marketing strategies to make sure you reach them while promoting your new career.

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