The Central Bankers' "Planned" Shutdown of the World Economy Continues.

in #marketslast year

Today I look at recent comments by Central Bankers on both sides of the Atlantic which clearly shows how the current crisis has a hidden agenda.

My conclusion is that this crisis is being used to bail out the whole system and probably reset it while people are locked in their homes.

"Bank of England boss Andrew Bailey warns against easing social distancing":

"Fed’s Bullard: C------- shutdown is not a recession but an investment in survival":

"Transcript: Neel Kashkari on "Face the Nation," April 12, 2020":

The Federal Reserve Regional Banks Balance Sheet:

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Thanks again for the education, Maneco64. The damage is done. Start digging oneself out now.

I'm amazed when I took out "The Conspirator's Hierarchy: The committee of 300 The coming disasters" by John Coleman published in late '90's from my bookshelf. Everything happening today was written there-pandemic, vaccination, socialism America, global digital currency, and human cattle.

"Stay out of the paper market". This is what is wrong with guys like Mannarino. They preach us to be your own central bank, get PM's, crypto etc., yet they play the game of the central banks and even encourage others to do that. It is a dangerous game, if you do not have the knowledge to do that (which is 95%). I have never heard G. Mannarino address this inner conflict.