Very Strange Nostalgia

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When Hive violated the first and most sacred blockchain Social Contract of "Not your keys, not your coin.", that was when their potential to fail went into the danger zone. No matter how many times they re-write their social contract nor how strong their community is. They invited the government to settle the issue when they attempted to supersede natural law in cyberspace. Two is not greater than Seven.

Furthermore, in my jurisdiction, the right to vote includes protection from retaliatory actions. Hive failed to disclose the new Social Contracts the Oligarchy was setting up.

Instead of learning to live without the government, I see why a government is necessary, and I am not thrilled. I sounded very soft in my complaint.

What Happened

Truthfully, I think the atmosphere soured because of active whales' inability to separate work, life, social, and recreational activities from the original vision. Unknown workplace sentiment and the politics that come with them became a force of microaggression on the chain leaving many users baffled. Every independent 3rd party became sucked into the abyss, and that was not right.


Steem is almost about to fail, but they haven't yet, and it's easy to leave that danger zone. Fork them back their balance. "Not your keys, not your coins." A court does not have to tell you to do that. You don't even have to wait for any preceding actual.


To those that built Steem to make the world a better place. All the individuals with their boots on the ground promoting bitcoin, information, and alternative solutions for otherwordly livelihood. We live in a time where governments can be held accountable for crimes and incompetency, but it doesn't happen yet.

I believe it will, and we are closer to peace and respect for all. Property is a byproduct.

I want to thank all of you, great fellow pioneers.

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