Are religion leaders a panacea to a new Nigeria?

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Are religion leaders a panacea to a new Nigeria?

Good morning and happy independence day to you Nigeria celebrated her independence few days ago...I'll like to open our insights to our religion leaders


In Nigeria their are 3major religion
**Traditional religion

The leader of each religion is governed individually by there joint body...there joint body that direct the affairs of its members in the states of our great country

I'll like to talk extensively on Christian leaders

Christianity have gone far in Nigeria since the introduction of Western education, on the verge of implementing a good trade system., The British colonies thought us there formal language which is English, then it brought about the movements of the missionaries to our dear country......the footprint of Jesus Christ was propagated round the country and different churches emmanated

The early churches, includes the CMS, Baptist Church, Catholic Church, then different callings that brought about the Cherubim and Seraphim, Christ apostolic church celestial church of Christ, deeper life Bible Church and many others

Since there are many churches with different doctrine and culture, the introduction of a joint body called CAN was introduced....
Christian association of Nigeria...CAN governs most Christian's affairs and helps in the registration of churches in the country, admist them are thousands of pastors from different churches

It is believed in Christianity that once u sow seed by gifting a man of God, you'll definitely find favour in the presence of the lord...then poor Nigerians...poor congregation give out of the little they have to their pastor and churches just for development and God's blessings...

Whereas the money contributed by this poor congregation is used to build universities and a lot of business and then privatize it

Alot of churches set up universities that most of there poor member cannot attend, in a religion whereby the congregation buys something and then cannot use it, and religious leader keep extorting them using the name of God
I won't mention names, we are suffering and praying for God's blessings and job opportunities but our religion leaders are not allowing us to go to our hard earned universities
Recently, was the case of xenophobia, an ugly incident between The Nigerians in South Africa and the southafricans....a situation where by many Nigerians where killed because of envy and jealousy just like what Happened between the Israelites and the Egyptians...the Nigerian government doesn't have an airline to move in citizen....yet most of our religion leaders are blessed with private Jets and helicopters bought by the sweats of the poor congregation...our people are dying yet our religion leaders that got rich with our money couldn't help...thank God for the intervention of Air peace transit that gave the Nigerian government there B777 aircraft for peaceful evacuation of Nigerians in South Africa

Where are the Aircraft of our pastors??

Aren't they suppose to help the perishing souls

And we want a better Nigeria...that cant be possible with this types of attitude....we need to reason, change our mentally and show a caring hands towards people in need then we can make a better nigeria

Happy independence day in arrears


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