Am from the streets of Africa

in #marlians2 years ago

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Am from the street of Africa
Here we build our strength from the scraps we garther
Were we claim to build continent based on our agility
But it was dismantled by the weaklings we anointed

Am from the streets of Africa
Were the tides of water makes us rich
And the golds in our coast secretes milk
But was drank and taken by the actions of our nobles

Am from the streets of Africa
Were there are so many talent and genius
But ranked the lowest in technology
And we run mouth about the imported
But gain interest in buying iPhones

Am from the streets of Africa
The street with so many tears and blood
Were bloods are green and tears our red
And the fortunes sail on the liquid on the ground

Am from the streets of Africa
Were our Giants are high prolific criminal
The same way we snubbed the Noble because of there expression
And we claim for right of speech

Am from the streets of Africa
Were the leaders of tomorrow are starving
And we want the youths to lead our treasure
And the idle goes into killing and sent exile

Am from the streets of Africa
Were we produce thousands of youth
And there are thousands in night classes struggling for excellence
And our leaders claims we are lazy


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