Hahaha this exactly what it is. Thank you alot. I don't know how i can reach you on discord. I need a lot of help. Perhaps, we can talk a bit and i can send some MARLIANS stake.

You have been sent 100 MARLIANS for your participation. Where desired, you can grow your stake with it and curate others on Invite others to participate too. It will be appreciated, if you can subscribe to UloggersTV on Youtube (if you haven't). It features uloggers who are steemians from around the globe. Here is the URL:

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Thanks, @surpassinggoogle. Much appreciated
You can reach me at discord at @hlezama#3174
I'm not very active on Discord, but I log in every day at least for a few minutes . I may be off in the next days. I'm having some health issues (was about to post about it)

Yes bro. Pasted in one comment about a new contest and recalled that you werent fine. I pray for your recovery. I will try to hear more about it on the discord when you are back. Jehovah will take care of you and bring about recovery and all

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Thanks. I feel better after expelling the stone that was torturing me. I appreciate your concern and good thoughts

You can raise your MARLIANS stake further. You will get 300 MARLIANS-stake for this one. It is a series of contest to help you grow your MARLIANS-stake. See this URL:

For this task, help us with a simple video-contribution. We have written the script already.

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Thanks, @surpassinggoogle. I'll work on it