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RE: Still remember the incredible feeling of discovering the money on auto pilot switch on my blog

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You have summarized it very well @shortsegments
In fact I discovered your post as one of the posts in the project hope community and enjoyed the discovered your detailed and easy to understand writing style.


I bet you haven't discovered my posts yet...
August 22, 2020... 2.9 Hollywood Time...

I did and find the image you use in your posts quite interesting

Coin Man was made with a little more than $400.00 in U.S. Coinage... It was easy moving the Coins around to make new designs...
August 23, 2020... 9.5 Hollywood Time...

I did and find the
Image you use in your posts
Quite interesting

                 - thetimetravelerz

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Gold is going to the Moon, and Silver is heading to Mars...
August 25, 2020... 2.9 Hollywood Time...

good luck with all the wonderful content that you are creating my friend :)