What is your idea of a perfect crypto world?

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Why do we need a crypto world ?

We need a world where there are equal opportunities to work and earn. A world where what we earn is sufficient to support our families and put food on the table.
We should also be able to earn enough to save for the future.

The reality is far from this

Inflation eats into our salaries and income around the world. Our money is losing its buying power over time.
Money be it fiat or crypto money should be a resource.

A resource not controlled by a few but instead governed by decentralized market dynamics.

Money should be backed by something of value

Fiat money no longer represents true value. Govt. and central banks can print as much of it and do what ever they want to without any sense of accountability.
Thus decentralized blockchain powered decentralized money gives us hope of true value. Be it Proof of work or proof of stake it at least represents some real value.

How people are surviving on crypto in countries like Venezuela gives us hope.

The situation in Venezuela with its national currency losing value and buying power is only an indicator of the direction in which fiat currencies are moving.
At the same time how crypto earned by my brothers & sisters of Venezuela is a prime example how it can be an alternate currency of trust and value to help people survive and support their families.

POW & POS is not enough

The Proof of Work and Proof of Stake are some of the more successful blockchain protocols.
However for a project to bring value to its holders and supports there needs to be a use case that makes it useful and some real value must emerge out of a project.

Had that not been the case a lot of POW & POS projects would have not failed.
So for any project to succeed it must be

  • Providing a real world solution to a real world problem.
  • It should have a clear road map that is
  • sustainable and provides value to its stakeholders and supporters
  • It should be accessible to all.

The Electroneum project aims to do a couple of these things.


To start with back in 2017 anyone could download the electroneum wallet and mining app and mine the electroneum coins ETN with a mobile phone.
This increases the reach of this project and meant anyone with a mobile phone could get hold of this crypto currency.

The Evolving electroneum project

The current evolved feature of electroneum means people do not mine the electroneum coins with there mobile phones.
There are a number of real world use cases emerging for this coin and project.

Obtaining the Coin

  • Buy it with credit/ Debit card
  • Buy it with Paypal
  • Trade it with other crypto on an exchange

Earn your electroneum ETN coins

anytask.com is a site where one can buy and sell digital skills. Think of it as the fiverr of the crypto world.
A person can go and enlist the service one provides be it from graphic design, programming, Web design or any other service which can be delivered remotely via the web.

A buyer can contact the seller via anytask.com and awards him the work.
The seller delivers work as per the specifications and the buyer pays for the services with ETN tokens.
For the service provider there is no commission to be paid.

Where to spend your ETN.

From mobile top ups to paying for services the list of places where you can pay with ETN is only growing.
Alternatively one can exchange ETN to other crypto at an exchange.

NGO's can accept crypto donations in ETN to support their projects.

Merchants can integrate ETN payments into their sites and carry out smooth and fast payments with crypto.

The path to a smooth and successful crypto Utopian world would surely be laid by projects which help is in earning, spending saving and living with crypto.

The concept of Eutopia is that of a perfect place and who knows we may one day create our crypto Eutopia where we do not work for money instead our money works for us.

What is your idea of a crypto Eutopia?

Do share your views in the comments section.

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice please do your own research and due diligence before making any investment.

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