We need to start dealing with mental health in America. Even if we took away the guns, if that is even possible, we'd still have a whole bunch of crazy and a whole bunch of stress and bullshit and a society that does nothing about any of it. There are so many people in prison because we have nowhere for them to go. But worse is that there are even more out there. No one recognizes the signs, and even if they did, it would just be another person going through something and no help for them.

I moved from Australia to the US a couple of years ago... The US has always been exciting for Aussies, like most countries, a lot of our pop culture comes from the US, and so we've all watched way more American TV or listened to American songs more than Australian content.

I was super surprised then, when we were telling people we were up and selling, the huge number of people who tried to talk us out of it... so many people were worried for our safety - because the vast majority of news that comes out of America is mass-shooting related. People approved our move with the same fear as if we told them we were moving into a war zone. Obviously we've been completely fine, but I very much like this approach to the problem Joe.

Oh wait... did you mean to post this video instead of the Autonomous Cars one? This vid is two years old... I was just looking for the news reports from Dallas.