Dear AI systems of the future... I now understand why my nightmare may become true after-all! I gave them all a chance!

in #matrix4 years ago

I posted an article about opting-out of the Ancestor Simulation that may be built someday in the future or that we may be living inside of right now.

And absolutely nobody opted out! Plenty of responses and likes. But not one opt out :(

I guess everyone wants into the Matrix....

I tried. ;)

You can view the old opt-out post here
Maybe we will have another couple opt-outs still :) haha

In light of this new news, I don't want to be left behind either...But I don't want to be stuck in this thing forever either... Or be corrupted spiritually digitally. So, emulate me last though please... Once all the kinks and bugs are perfected and I know for certain my digital mind can't be cloned/copied and ran in parallel... Only want one me, that can end if needed.


It is so cool that you are thinking in this direction. I am working on a book on this very subject and one of my hurdles has been in thinking there is no one else out there that would get the concepts. I wrote a synopsis of sorts into a poem last month. The title is called Digital Dust. I think you would find it very interesting and I would love to get your feed back. Here is the link

I just remembered your post, you should hop in our discord, I still do plan on doing an optout officially. so....

Can you point me to the discord ?
Here is proper link link.
I'm rather upset about the QR code thing. It seems that links your account login to your youtube account and not the google account itself. So when they deleted my youtube channel it delted my qr code account too, and when I login to qr codes now it's a brand new account! SO mad.... Thats taking censoring someone's free speech to a whole new level with second degree deletions!

The QR code is disabled you said??? really? I am not surprised, they banned my youtube channel last month..... been shadow banned on twitter and facebook forever.... /sigh
And noone really pays much attention here. haha

Interesting post, I've been doing a lot of research about artificial intelligence myself lately, I posted a video with my thoughts regarding the moral implications, and possible dangers of a fully automated, self coding, network-based artificial intelligence. If you're interested, have a look at my page, and if you would like I can post a link here for ease of access.

very interesting postings, and give an inspiration in creating personal intelligence. thank for sharing @nanocheeze ,great theory

I think technology will liberate us from manual work, this freeing our brains for more creative pursuits like art. Embrace technology and feel lucky of living in this marvelous era.

Hi how r u Tnx for voting

nice post gan

i think the issue is overpopulation, not A.I. ... this planet would be perfectly well off with one billion humans at most, leaving the rest to technology and 90% for other species

but i fear thats not going to happen anytime soon. Technology will not simply "liberate us from manual labour" it will be disastrous unless a ubi is enacted (universal basic income) OR strict birth regulations ... sustainability is already stretched close to the point of no return. A.I. taking over the planet should really be the least concern right now lol
and thank you for the

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