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The world is full of content. The so-called " Meokbang, " meaning eating show, dominated the online community, but has now expanded its pace to terrestrial broadcasters. The contents of games, trips, and everyday life are also attracting people's attention.

Recently, a platform has emerged that allows users to receive virtual money by posting or posting messages. The time has come when one can make money by giving impression and fun from contents of one's own whenever and wherever.

'Maybugs ', which was recently officially opened, is a contents platform based on virtual currency. It was established to innovate media by diversifying production and distribution methods as content markets change rapidly.

It is a kind of " content compensation platform, " and provides a " May token " when a user posts or posts comments on a website. The token can be exchanged with a coin designated at the end of every month, and it can be directly converted into cash at a domestic exchange.

South Korea is still in its infancy, but major countries around the world are viewing virtual currencies as a new economic model. Japan has included virtual money as a product if it meets the tax requirements. They acknowledge that they are working income and impose taxes. The U.S. also sees the virtual currency as an asset and applies the general principle of tax law on assets.

" As virtual currency markets have grown recently, number of platforms and jobs has increased. "

Content compensation platforms refer to compensation schemes for platform user activities rather than collecting existing content fees. Not only content producers but also users who post comments about contents can receive profits. Some say that it is not only a two-way communication but also a " win-win " business platform.

In fact, not a few people post contents, post comments, and make profits in Maburg. The company said, " Tens of thousands of bloggers have registered and engaged in the first three months of the launch. " It is also known that some users made more than 1 million won (88,000 U.S. dollars) through blog post for a month.

A popular category for maybugs platforms is ' Mission of the Day. ' Users can post to specific topics that are given every day of the week. Various contents were uploaded on the subject of actor and actress on the 15th. The content was designed to identify characteristics and strengths of celebrities that are not easily known except for enthusiasts such as " OOO is an actor who is undervalued, " and " an actor who is pure and innocent. "

Kim Soo-hyun (32, Jongno-gu, Seoul) wrote frequently on his blog, saying, " There have never been compensation and profit from NAVER and Daum, but now I can make money from maybugs only for posting blog of my everyday life. "

Maybugs tried to differentiate itself from other services by finding out how blog users feel about creating content, motivating them and giving them practical incentives. It is analyzed that this will have a significant impact on long service periods and the formation of the mania class.

Above all, as number of users continues to increase, industries predict that a platform for contents compensation will bring new innovation and vitality to media markets. Some predict that contents development centered on users will be broken down by various regulations and laws and rapidly change into a more flexible and mutually beneficial content market.

" Although Maybugs is already South Korea's only existing compensational blog platform, it is going to promote more organic contents exchanges and continue to implement a new media ecosystem. " said a representative for Maybugs.

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