"Calling All MCs and Singers of Earth!!!!" ... ROUND 6 !!!!! Worldwide Jam Time!!!

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'Video Nasty' edition!!! ... It's that time of year, we getting nasty with killer MCs!!!!

  • Hit up the beat above and record yourself doing your 'freestyles/bars/screaming/scratching/trick or treat bullshit/poetry/chainsaw/whatever you got' over it!
    ... Be good to each other, but this is a chance to spit your venom out!!!

The beat I have made for this, I have called '13th hour'. It is made for your darkness ... cartoon or not! I have attached it to the first hellraiser movie at x64 speed for added bite!

Use phones/laptops/cameras/hammer horror VHS/whatever you want to record it!
... Lo-fi, slasher, quickfire music!!


  • There are NO rules!!!
  • Post your entries below, or comment with a link to your entry post.
  • Upvote an entry! (not your own!!) and upvote this post to get the winner some SBD!!

... Lets f**kin' jam!!!!!!!!!!!!

steem porch5.jpg
TERMITE. @termitemusic
termite symbol.jpg

  • Check the latest episode of ILL MOOT here
  • Conclusion for round 5 coming shortly!!

Wow awesome, I also like you name termite.

Thankyou, 1 Termite is not much, however, together we can build for our needs!!!

I don’t know what I would write to this ill dark beat
But here is another track I just released and it is also me writing to a super dark beat
Peep it out here bro https://steemit.com/originalmusic/@verbal-d/melodious-music-memoirs-50-defusing-confusion-part-7-original-song

All good man!! You know where I am in the matrix when you wanna jam!!!! That track is dope as man!!!

Appreciate you to the fullest, yeah I won't forget your location. You got beats on deck for days I am sure, thanks for the love and support.

Make sure to upvote at the original post-!https://steemit.com/rap/@kenentertainment/termite-mc-challenge-week-6-support-my-dude-termitemusic

Since yall don't like to upvote on here!

ILL!!! Yes KEN!!! back on the quickfire comeback!!!
..."victims lookin like sharon tate!!" Damn!!! was watchin docs on that the other day!! ... some propa bounce on that beat man!!!! chainsaw props!!

Thanks my dude...i was high on meth when i wrote this...i was in a dark space my brother

shit son!!!! ... I wouldnt be a good human if I didnt say 'look after yourself man!!!'
I can see in your eyes you are a good person, despite the horror rap!!!!! 'hell' of a drug, right?

Yes it is, i actually quit last year. It was wearin me down bro. Those bars are from my meth days....some of my friends say i wrote better bars when i was on it...but i choose to live life over super meth'd out horror raps, ya dig

I def dig bro!!! Life is for living!!! Never done meth but I can relate!!!!

"expose exoskeletons" lol nice1 Ken! i pass you the blunt in my vid, lol... check it out and take a toke homey!

Here's my scary bars as promised!


Lyrics are in the: Original post

Yes mate!!!!!!!! welcome back to the jam!!!! wo! some speed on this!!!!! some real intricate stuff in here too! You smashing it!!! (and the vid is 2:22- my lucky number!!!) big up bruv!!!!!

Thank you!!

Holy shit bro! You know about the Ubuntu and Michael Tellinger....you're a true pot head my brother! Man, you passed me reggie...smh and lmao! Nice one my g, i hope more rappers jam this time. Much love to you mic.

yea, Michael Tellinger is from where I'm from... Ubuntu is a South African concept "I am who I am because of who we are" ... some real shit... i didn't think anyone would catch that reference, lmao! thanks bro!

yea i love that whole concept of Ubuntu, andy b and me where planning on moving to south africa to join the movement...lol...it never happened though, i ended up having kids and shit. One love to South Africa!

lol, thanks bro... Tellinger got the answer! the spirit of Ubuntu can be practiced where ever you are tho.... but its hard to implement it with a world so divided, lol.. just gotta keep on keepin on

i agree with you 100% my nig!

totally missed that reference, but yeah!!! Ive used Ubuntu alot!!

its the way foward.. google Michael Tellinger

hhahaha!!! Big up the regz!!!! yeah bruv BIG UPS!!!! this bumps!!! my man blazing through the horror vibe (hollywood, kinda! haha!) with the good vibes!!! I'll take a hit on dat!!! haha

hahaha, thanks bro!!! big ups yourself!!!

thankyou bruv!!! Respect!!!

What my dude...you gonna compete?

Nope my friend but I can spread the word :)

Hell yea scary stuff!

HorrorCore!!! u on this bro??!

Haha definitely! I'll fall asleep to this beat now and record some nightmarish rhymes as soon as my throat allows!

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Dig this one man.

thanks man!!! you on it!!!?????

I'm trying to find this coconut that has real teeth and sea shells for eyes and nails sticking out of it, like a coconut hellraiser! Got in alabama at a creepy garage sell with other vo-do stuff. I always loved it but my wife thought it was to creepy, and had me take it out the room, and now i'm tearing the house up trying to find it...smh would've been a perfect prop. With or without it i got some sick bars 4 you!

Well i tore the whole house up and can't find it so i'll do it without it, but i got a skeleton, so that'll work.

I hope u dont mean the skeleton inside you!! haha

Your find out in like ten minutes

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Sick beat.

thanks man!! you jamming on it!!!? scratch???