'switch up the beat!' [ conclusion to the jam/ Round 6. ] ft. Whyso.

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... Deep in subterranean London, I caught up with south London MC and all round badman, Whyso. I asked him who the SBD should go to on this jam. ... This is what he said...


@kenentertainment @mickeymic @privat We may be small in number but the quality is so high on all 3 entries!!! You so dope in your unique ways!!!!!! Propa dig this!! Lo-fi jams for the people of earth!!!!!!!!!! ( I am also, slowly getting more 'bread to break' ... so watch this space.) You my crypto-bruv's!!!! Peace out.

... Here is the 'thing' from the original 'round 6' post.
Screenshot-2017-11-6  termitemusic.png
... So, 0.630 SBD goes to the man with a dog in his backyard ripping tyres, @mickeymic !!!


  • The jam never stops, so I have now posted Round 7 with another beat! !!!!!!
    Please spread the word and share to those who will appreciate. Big up original music on steemit!!! ... keep your eyes open and third ears twitching!!!!

... Also check the latest episode of ILL MOOT ! steem logo tiny ill.png

I also wanna shout out 'missing in action' @scribblingwilly - hope you good bro! ... and my man @base33 who missed this round due to his skull being fractured ( no joke ) if you believe in any kind of spirituality, 'send' this man some love - and I aint talkin' steem.

Peace and Respect,


thanks y'all !!! i love your judging style switch ups Guvna!! keeping it real!! i also dig the fact that you got me announced as Money M.I.C not mickeymic, lol... respect bruv!!

... Thats your name init !!!!!? Respect back at ya man!!!!

That's the name bro!!

u on the new beat man!!???

I loved that one btw, sorry, got caught up in life :/ way to go @mickeymic!

haha was a good round!! nice 1 for checkin' in!! Lifes got a habit of doing that!!! you seen the next???!!!
Peace out man!!!

Ya ya, gonna try something a little different on it ;)

Thank you for doing this and congrats @mickeymic!! Appreciate how you're asking for different opinions to judge like this, keeping it interesting! Peace

Thanks man, Its fun for me you know!!! haha!! I'm gonna try to connect the steemit world and the 'real' world as much as I can, and asking people from 'outside' to watch and see this, is a good way of getting them to know about steemit too. otherwise it's just concepts, this is real!! Peace my crypto-bruv!!!

Haha good to know you're not torturing yourself! And agree we're making this real, I'm feeling more comfortable introducing this site to rappers without a clue what crypto is than anyone else. Keep on living music!

I will, you too!! lets do this!!!

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Some interesting recordings here. Don't know too much about hiphop, but sounds cool to me.

Thanks man!!! Do you sing or anything?? wanna jump in on the next jam??

I wish I was a musician...meh...I'm more than happy to be a music fan and leave the difficult stuff to the professionals :)

haha!! good answer!!! ... dont ask, dont get!! Thanks man!!!

Good shit, congrats mic!

You on the beat this week bruv!!??? @kenentertainment !!! ... its not quite a whole 'ill moot' tho!!!

Man i was outta town on vacation my dude....i'ma be on the next one

YEAH BRUV!!!!!!!! You had me worried!!!! Peace out!!!

Gonna keep mixing up the judging style each time!!! Thanks to you to my man!!!

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