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RE: Bottling day - my first shot at brewing mead

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If I were to suggest anything, it would be champagne yeast. I use that for all my ciders, and it offers no real flavors of its own.

I think you're right about maybe having left the mead on the fruit too long; orange peel is a strong flavor, but I bet it dissipates in time.

Also, if you don't plan on consuming all this first batch, set some aside and try it in 6 months. I bet the flavor will have changed significantly.

The pics look great! :)


I bet the pictures look somewhat familiar to you, @negativer! They remind me of your color challenge post from yesterday. Hey, are you guys in cahoots?

We do seem to have many similar interests Jayna. Unfortunately, I'm not growing an embrionic old god in my brew.

Ha ha! Unfortunately? That cracked me up. But the point is that one could almost imagine something foreign and embryonic growing in there! 🤣

I've never made a mead! But at least now I know...what not to do? :) Sorry @aksounder!

That's what I was thinking. I'm going to let the remainder just sit in the bottle for a few months and see if that mellows things out. Same thoughts on the yeast; many of Charlie Papazian's mead recipes call for champaign yeast and I'll be trying one of those next.