German labor minister demands meat company pay coronavirus compensation

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German Labor Minister Minister Hubertus Heil demanded the meat processing company behind a massive coronavirus outbreak should pay damages, in comments on Sunday evening.

More than 1,300 people have tested positive for the virus after an outbreak at the Rheda-Wiedenbrück meat processing plant, in the district of Gütersloh near Bielefeld, operated by German meat giant Tönnies.

"There must be a civil liability of the company," Heil told a Bild online broadcast, adding that the company had "taken an entire region hostage" by violating the coronavirus rules.

Heil said that his trust in the Tönnies company was "equal to zero." He said that the company not only endangered its own employees, but also "public health."



It seems every Covid outbreak in the world started from meat markets / meat companies. As a vegetarian, I am very angry! I demand compensation, but not a monetary compensation: people must stop eating corpses. Makes no sense.

These companies are not just "violating Coronavirus rules". The problem is killing animals for food. How can anything good come from this?