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A great contest about MedBlock is running and i made a logo for the participation!

The theme is minimal,clear and of course flat! Maybe some days later, I will say, "I designed it" when I see their logo, who knows!

I hope you like it!It looks very cool to me, to be honest! I had to picture MedBlock as Medicine on the Blockchain, as they said. I did it without any image/vector, as my point was to design this logo clean but I used colors based on their theme. Some times is better to think out of the box and don't go straight! This is the reason that I didn't design an electronic health record (EHR) system as the contest was talking about.

Link for MedBlock logo contest: I am created the logos in Illustrator, if you want to join in the contest you can use PS too as they need files .Ai and .Psd! Good luck to everyone!

Bitshares name: veibone1

100 % own work


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Thanks for doing such a good job on the logo and for submitting everything well ahead of time @veibone!

Thank you very much! Good luck with your contest! Apriciated:)

You're very welcome @veibone!

You're good at it bro! All the best for the contest ^_^

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