thanks for all you do. please accept this commentary in the light it is given. because i don't disagree with you.

the one reason i can't support health care for all is because our health care system is not designed to cure, but cover up the symptoms.

if we do 'free health care' does that mean we must pay the prices demanded by greedy big Pharma?

i'm not interested in paying for a boob job, or any other surgery that is designed to placate the ego.

i think we should take care of those with issues not created by their own carelessness (repeated and stupid, previously warned to stop) behavior.

if they don't care about themselves, why should we? how far are we willing to go to keep people from destructive behavior... if you want to die, is it really up to me? what if i don't think death is the end?

i also think it is clear we should be reminding people to get outside, move your body, eat better, and clean up our food supply. (get rid of all false advertising, stop letting money dictate what is considered healthy)

let us grow marijuana. it has multiple health benefits and the outlawing of it creates the black market.

unless these issues are address, i have serious issue with a blank check to big pharma, who i consider to be the worst people on the planet. (and that says a lot.. considering all the horrible people that exist)

change the way we live..

find out you don't need medical care.


Nuanced thought is always important. Thank you.