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Who am I?

How often do you ask this question? I am sure it might have popped in your head at least once. In my case very often. While I had dismissed the thought in past several times. I have been wondering about it in recent times.

This is the kind of the question which takes you onto a journey to find yourself or gives you restlessness. Sometimes you find the answer to the question and sometimes you wonder whether you are wasting time by asking this question. Question lead to more questions and before you know it you are chasing down a rabbit in a very deep hole.

But I think I found an answer, or At least I would like to think so.


[BARAKA -1992]

I almost cried tears of happiness as the session ended. Well many may call it a documentary for me it felt like a meditation session. For the period of 90mins I was so connected with the life force. It is hard to explain what I felt you must see it to believe it.

I was doing research for a story that I was working. I lost peace of mind because who in the world has it. And I was (still am) struggling with taking the story forward. That’s when I stumble upon a piece of gem. A documentary was release in year 1992 directed by Ron Fricke.

I surprised myself today, I sat through a 90 min documentary and that too totally indulged in it. Not even for a moment I have taken my eyes from the screen. I was afraid that I might miss something. I didn’t know that the format of the documentary was going to be non-narrative. But I before I could have some question or any question I was absorbed in the beauty of this masterpiece.

From the opening shot till the end credit, I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. Each shot was breathtakingly beautiful. From Himalayas to the Hot springs, from the ruins overrun by trees to the great pyramid everything is so beautiful. One can see and feel the faith, love and religion.

At the same time cannot ignore the harsh truth death, destruction and despair. The documentary takes you on a journey from the serene valley to a busiest city jungle. You feel the emotions insides.

The sense of calmness gets bestowed when you see how beautiful the Mother Nature is. The background score helps to forget about everything and moves you into trance. You enjoy the calmness, you sense the chaos too, you acknowledge the truth that nothing last forever and you return back to the clam state. I can say without any doubt that 90mins was totally worth it.

You know I don’t have much to say when a the review from Roger Ebert reads, "If man sends another Voyager to the distant stars and it can carry only one film on board, that film might be Baraka.”

I am @inuke, just another of the being who is living on this beautiful planet. And I think most of us are doing it wrong.

PS : Throughout the video my mind was swinging with emotion. And it hit the hardest when all of sudden I realised that the people on the screen are not actors they were people.

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Fasinating that you found the answer to who am I in a documentary!
I had heard about Baraka quite some time ago and never really paid that much attention to it but now since reading your article I'm putting it on my list of must see!
Thanks for sharing!

It is a must watch.

I was surprised at how such a beautiful has no coverage no one ever spoke about it. I know all the other movies and documentaries gets attention..
I would have been nice if the school system adapts it for educational purposes.
Just imagine the type of question the young one asking..

Thanks for your time.

That is really an amazing documentary...all scenes have their own story... each scene are beautiful... some scene also show pity condition. It's totally worthy 😀

Really happy that you enjoyed it. I am hoping to dig up few more of such movies.

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I will surely watch this documentary. I am glad you liked it very much.

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Yes, I am highly recommending it.

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Seems like a super interesting documentary have seen part of it will definitely come back for more 😊😍

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It is very interesting one. Very unique. And may I add visual treat.

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never heard of the documentary, will put that on my watch list for this upcoming vacation. is the picture obtained from the documentary as well? you might want to give it credit hehe

Oh yeah.. sorry about that... I am yet to get familiar with the partiko app.. although I have been using it for replying comments mostly I use my laptop for Posting and editing the blog. Hence missing out the credits.

Coming back to the documentary.. I think you will love it. For a traveller like you it would feel like a teaser. :-)

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I am putting that on my documentary watch list :)

I would like to hear your thoughts on this.

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Hopefully That would be a good documentary. I would like to watch it.

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Watch it.. I Highly recommend it. Although it also depends on your taste. But I think it's safe to say. That I will be a very peaceful experience.

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I dont think I have watched this documentary. I do realize the power of documentaries, and with the vivid description you have shared this has climbed to the top of the documentaries I want to watch

Go for it.. I think you will like it.. :-)

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