Dinner at Ghouri Tikka shop

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Dinner at Ghouri tikka shop. the oldest shop who make the best chicken tikka and chicken kabab. they serve different souc with salad and bread. Ghouri Cusine and usually served as an appetizer. it is also know as teeka or "Tikka" refers to a piece of meat. such as a cultlet.
The popular dish chicken tikka is made of chicken pieces in marinade. there is also is chicken kharai are very popular dish in pakistan and don't take long to make. if you quick simple lunch in 30 minutes then make sure you treat yourself with delicious chicken kharai

tikka 2.jpg
it was awesome moment my friend @neobuxdapeo has capture his phone infinix . after the dinner finish we capture these moments as memorial day. smile with friend enjoy a lot


it was nice food here and got good food& taste

it was a great place to meetup and take food nice friend

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