The Very First Ever Maui STEEMIT Meetup hosted by @coininstant & @mattandcristina 5:00 PM Thursday July 20, at Maui Coffee Roasters!

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@mattandcristina and I are going to host the very first ever Maui STEEMIT Meetup this Thursday, July 20 at 5:00 PM at Maui Coffee Roasters in Kahului.

Our first meet up will be a short hour long gathering open to the public. Our goal is to spread the word of steem, and help the steemians of Maui jumpstart their steeming experiences. Normally the meetings will run a little longer, however the main agenda of this meeting is just to start a Maui Steemit Members List, so I can post it on Github.

What? why am I going to post the master list on GitHub not Steemit??

Because on GitHub we can edit changes indefinitely, I don’t have anywhere on steemit that is static and dynamic like that to manage a user list as easily as I can on GitHub so everybody can easily see the updates to the list (diffs)!

Maui Coffee Roasters is at 444 Hana Hwy b, Kahului, HI 96732
Hours 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM See you there!


Very cool! I was just in Maui and now ill miss it! Arrrgggh! Did you read my 7 part series about Maui? :)

Wow nice series! I love that heart rock in part 5! I think I have been to that blowhole, but I never did see that! Will be following you! Thanks for the great posts about Maui!

Thank you so much for reading!! The heart rock was so cool. If you are looking at the blowhole it is behind you. Its very easy to walk right past. I dont think anyone knew it was there until they saw us taking a billion pictures :)

that's exactly how I felt when my team had a Steemit meetup and I wasn't able to go. Arrrrgggh!

Double arrggggh!

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Nice post, and pictures as well. i really like it. keep it up.

Thanks, followed you back!

This type of community fusion in the Steemit space is just so damn refreshing.

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Thanks, you got it!

thanks you very much
somoga anda selalu succes

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Will try to make it!

I hope I am near to that place. Wanna have some fun meeting co steemians man. How I wish we also have an event like this in KSA man. Good job and congrats in advance.

Nice post, and pictures as well.

Lets get Maui rolling in the steemit world. Looking forward to the meeting.

good post

Nice to see another post from you my dude! Keep them coming.

Did you take that picture at the top?

I did not take that picture, just added the steem!

I'm a huge fan of Maui @coininstant - great post - I wish I could make it! GRRRRRR! UV/RS :)

Hey @coininstant, I just added your event to the Steem Event Calendar.

You can browse the Steem Event Calendar here. If you are logged into Google, click "+ Google Calendar" to add it to your calendar.

Click "Agenda" in the Top Right for a list view

This would be awesome don't forget to share !!

I am here tonight make one about flower kenikir along with its benefits, please help you to help me share my post so that can be seen and in vote by your friend, if you want to do very thank you, just you hope me

wow!! i can't belive this. :) i love it.

Thanks again Nick! Maybe we can have it live on Akaku next time!

Oh yeah and I just got Morgan to sign up!

Would love to meet other SteemIts in Hawaii. Used to live on Maui, but now in Big Island. That being said, I wonder if we can get more Steem people together across the Hawaiian Islands :)

This is awesome to see, a Steemit Meetup on Maui!! I live on Maui but I'm currently traveling for several months.. When I get back, I will be collaborating with you guys for sure! Keep it up; aloha.

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