Minneapolis / St. Paul Steem Meetup - Saturday April 7 @ 6:00pm CPT

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Last year, we had an amazing Minneapolis / St. Paul meetup. I keep thinking back to how much fun it was, and how we should do it again. It is time to have another event =)

The next Minneapolis / St. Paul Steem Meetup will be Saturday April 7 @ 6:00pm CPT.

Part 1 (RSVP)

Everybody that is planning on attending, please RSVP in the comments below. You can also message me on steemit.chat or Discord. A few last minute additions or cancellations will be OK, but it will really help me plan the event if I have an idea of how many people are coming.

Part 2 (Food) @ Davanni's Pizza

5124 Gus Young Ln.
Edina, MN 55436

Part 3 (Games) @ Dave & Busters (Edina Location)

500 Southdale Center
Edina, MN 55435


All of the food, non-alcoholic drinks, and games will be paid for. Everyone should just come and have a good time :)

Even if you are not planning on eating, it would be best if you meet up with us first at Davanni's. We have a private room there, so it will be a lot easier for you to find the group.

After Davanni's, we will all meet outside Dave & Busters (in Edina) at 8:00.

I look forward to seeing lots of you there!

Here are some photos from the last event:

@raizel, @elderfinancial, @dogguy, @mada, @greatdabu, @lovejoy, @preparedwombat, @ducksaplenty, @knowtheropes, @intothewild, @artist1989, @tarotbyfergus, @pantarei, @roundoar03, @britleigh, @kommienezuspadt, @vermillionfox, @kooks88, @lukesona, @bohomomma - I hope to see all of you there :)

I hope to see a ton of new faces too. It should be tons of fun!!


I will do my best to be there... life and travel plans are up in the air right now, but I hope to make it!! @wolfcat too, if she's not working or sailing the ocean. <3

Great! Hope to see you there :)

Looks like we'll both be here! Along with a few other salty dogs of the crypto ocean... So, see you soon! =)

Hope to see you and @wolfcat if you can make it to the meetup!

I'll see if I can coax her out! I think I should be able to =)

Is there still time to RSVP for this event? If so, I'd love to go with a friend.

Great! See you and your friend there :)
Do they have a Steem account?

Not sure. If not, I'll have him sign up. Would you like him to RSVP individually?

Howdy. I stumbled into this post. I live in Minneapolis. I may make it. I can't confirm 100% right now - something like 50/50 for now... Anyway maybe catch you April 7th or at another Minneapolis event. Thanks!

Ok, cool. Hope to see you there :)

It would be fun to meet you #darkb4dawn if you attend the meet-up. I've been enjoying your photographs, especially the outdoor ones around Minneapolis.

Yeah, last year was really fun, and also meeting new people. I'll probably go with @lovejoy again.


Funny! I was just thinking the other day that I wish we had another Minnesota Steemit Meet-up. Your ears must have been ringing. I plan on making it unless I'm out of town. Last year was a blast. You sure we won't have outgrown that back room at Davanni's? We filled it up pretty good last year.

We are doubling the size of the room ;)

Good call Tim!

Hey Tim! I will come to Davanni's solo. Would you mind if my 3.5 year old son joins us at Dave and Buster's after?

That's my neck of the woods and I'm on Steemit! Sounds like a no brainer!

Great! See you there :)

Oh hell yes...I AM IN!!!


This isn't clear... so you're a YES?! hahahaha

Cool. You'll be there?

Yes. :)

See ya there!

Dang this meetup sounds awesome! I grew up near that Davannis and worked at the Blockbuster across the street. That must be gone by now I would imagine. Crazy to come across this post, I wish I could find a meetup like this in San Francisco!

Wow, did you go to EHS?

Yes sir, class of 99.

Fun. I was class of '02.

Well I think I will give it a shot and meet up with some people I have seen through their words......me plus at least one...... Thanks

Awesome, so we’ll see you there?

I'm going to do everything in my power to be there........

It would be fun to meet you. I remember chatting a bit about your instrument making and local musicians :)

@timcliff, I will for sure be there! Such a blast last time and I'm going to try and recruit a few other people I have brought to Steemlandia. Thanks for putting this on again!

Awesome! See you there :)

Consider me RSVP'd. Thank you Sir - look forward to it!

I will be there.

Great, see you there!

I can't make it to Minneapolis but we do have Meetups in Nigeria regularly and it's always an amzing feelings to see other people who steemit has touched their life and to feel their happiness. Keep doing good.

I will put this on my calendar! What fun!

Update: I'll be there! Whoo!

Great! See you there :)

Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it on 3/10, but it would be great if both you and @wylde can make it on 4/7.

It's all good. Pencil me in for joining you guys.

If at all possible, can you let the others in your circle know about my meetup, in case they are available?

I'm not really in direct contact with any of the people, but everyone who was at the last one is listed in the body of this post.

I won't be able to make it to davanni's, but I'll be at D&B

Great! See you there :)

Cool, look for the tall, bearded ginger. I'm impossible to miss. Might wind up making a beeline for the Pump machine, just so you're aware.

Track me down when you get there. I'll be paying for everyone to have a game card.

Looking forward to meeting you at the meet-up :)

I'd like to RSVP! Super excited to meet others in the Twin Cities area passionate about a decentralized world!!!

I think I’ll be in Chicago for a comic convention so I’ll be gone. What a bummer because the last meetup you hosted was so much fun!

:( sorry you can't make it

I think you've got your CPT time zone wrong? By April we'll be into CDT if you wanna update.

Central Prevailing Time (CPT) means whatever the clock shows - It is "Daylight" time in the Spring, and "Standard" time in the Winter :)

I even Google'd it before I posted and didn't find that, I'd never heard this before so it's cool to learn.

I really hope to get there but not possible for the current situation of mine

While hope it goes well like the previous one :)

Have a great time all of the Steemian !

What about me I'm from morocco , I wish if I can join to this meet up , I'm working alone pff , have a good day enjoy @timcliff

Would someday love to fly across meeting Steemians and talking about how it's changing life. Cheers and hope to meet u in person @timcliff

Great i want to have things like that here in my country. Regards

I Wish I could come there and enjoy some great time with you all :(
but it is not possible now :(
I'm from Pakistan and struggling to make my life better :)
Hopefully, when I achieve it, I will come and meet you all my fellow steemians ":)
Best of luck to the meetup all :)

That's really great, these meetups seem fun..
I know that you guys will have a great time.

Sounds like an awesome time! Wish I didn't live so far away.. I love Dave&Buster's

Have fun everyone!

it would be fun !
thess events should be organised often!

Damn any events near San Jose? Whats the mission of these meetings?

I don’t know. It is up to each local community to organize their own events. The main purpose of these meetups is so that Steemians can meet each other and network in real life.

This is very cool! Sorry for the double comments on your post , just got really excited about this. Wish i lived near you cause I’ll forsure would make it. Guess i need to try and organize a meetup in my area👍

All of the food, non-alcoholic drinks, and games will be paid for. Everyone should just come and have a good time :)

it will bring many more :p

Have a great meetup boy!

really wow @timcliff im so excited to see the happenings on your next post

you are taking steem to the moon!

A good program Sir. I hope one day, I can do that in my country, Indonesia. Help me to make it happen. Tq

Now I'm wishing I was in Minneapolis😞

What hurts me ... how I would like to go to the meeting ... but unfortunately here in Venezuela they are not granting a visa ... to enter the United States ... I will have to wait until it happens in the meeting by this means ..
the meeting is interesting to talk about the new project you have planned for Steemit and you have to assume other things,
and everyone will talk about their experience in this community ... just thinking I can not go, I feel frustrated.

This looks like so much fun! I wish you all could come to a meetup in Thailand! Maybe I can get brave and host one once I feel a little more familiar with Steemit. This inspires me to get brave and try to host one though

Incredible sir @timcliff.. the meeting in a meetup event was indeed very fun, and I was happy to see the post of father who so many people who come at the meetup event.

  • Successful greeting always, from us,
  • Steemit Community Indonesia Chapter Aceh Utara, Aceh, Indonesia.

Great! Happy to see you all...

Ahhhhh! I've really been wanting a Minneapolis meetup since joining in December. The timing won't work for me to attend this one :(

I have tickets for the Cloud Cult show at Orchestra Hall. Hope we can meet up this summer!

:( well hopefully you’ll make the next one

I'll follow you and watch for the next one!

Looks like a great turnout! We've been doing some like these out here in Colorado too! Would love to drive up and catch one of your events sometime.

Such meets really help motivate people also once it's like faces to user IDs. We recently had a Meetup here in Delhi and the results were absolutely in favor. People are more active here and are upvoting and supporting each other's posts.

Hello! I was informed of this just yesterday, but I am definitely excited to attend. I read at the URL below that it's late to RSVP, but that I should attend anyway:


See you soon!

Tonight is the night! Yeehaw! I'll be there! I heard @intelliguy contributed a mystery prize... feeling lucky :)

excellent call, greetings from venezuela

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