Meme Challenge #47 - Entry Number 1 - "MY SBDs!"

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When you Shit your SBDs

and $17.83 per SBD hapenned...

jassenn meme.jpg

---> Young, Dumb, and Broke.

Thanks @fibra59 for hosting 47th Meme Challenge!


Haha! I trade mine for 11, still lucky 😄😄

Hahaha. Yeah. Its still a good damn price :)

Yah right fair enough 😄 😂. Today the rate is 12+ 😁

I was able to trade some of mine for 15 USD. Yehey!

Hahaha. Good for you. Should I deserve a treat?

Oh sure. Would love to :)

Wow! It is really going up, and up.. Amazing!
Thank you for sharing @jassennessaj ! Resteemed!

Thanks also for dropping by :)

It's my pleasure reading your post! :)

haha re-steemed!

Hahaha. Thanks a lot, man!

Sold mind for... wait! I still don't have SBD! Dasal-dasal for $25 in 3 days! Hahahahaha!

P.S. Ga-schedule ka'g post? Or di ka gakatulog? Hahaha!

Is that the current rate of SBD? 😮

No way!

why can I relate to this?