I've been thinking about this a lot lately. We want the world to be "safe" and "fair" and people should be good to one another, but here is the problem, people are above all things free, and in that freedom they can choose to be terrible to one another. Unfortunately, many do.

Safety and fairness are not the norm, danger and selfishness are closer to the norm. We can change that but again, our freedom makes it hard to imagine a genuine safe and fair life.

To your point, I think we ignore reality, imagine the safe space we want, and live a lie damaging our ability to protect ourselves as best we can, because you need to accept the real danger, before you can prepare for that danger.


The main supposition here is lost on the intended audience. They do not comprehend "reality" in the first place.

I don't expect to instantly change anyone's mind. That is rare. All I can do is toss out seeds like Johnny Appleseed and hope some of them might take root at some point. ;)

Mother nature is a bitch.
She doesn't care about safe spaces.

I like this idea.

Nature consumes itself for the purpose of regeneration. Safe spaces resist the process in the vain attempt to cling to life.

Death is the end for us all. It would be better to face that reality.

but they have crayons and stuffed animals and candy!

They make modern art like pieces too as they melt around me... isn't it wonderful?

Like Midnight Oil, i would like to know, How do we sleep while our beds are burning?

Imagine you are already in hell and really tired.

A silly thought enters my mind. "We need safe spaces away from 'safe spaces' ."

There is a recursiveness in this that I think is worth a moments mediation.

LOL. Indeed. That circular logic can become a trap. :)

It is the balance between Chaos and Order. An ordered space is comforting and secure, but Order in excess can become constraining or tyrannical.

A chaotic space can be creative and inspirational, but too much chaos can create insecurity and fear. Death may ensue if unpredictability leads to an accident.

They are not opposed to each other, nor is one real and the other not. They are simply the manifestation of our individual desires.

I'd buy into this. Yet that is NOT how they are used. They are used to restrict and deny facts. They are used to protect from hearing things someone finds uncomfortable whether they are true or not. They are used to create a place where only agreed upon things can be uttered again whether they are true or not.

They don't protect people. They blind them.

I agree. It is the degree to which we are aware of what we hope to accomplish through their creation. Wilful blindness is not a quality that leads to prosperity.

I so agree with you. Safe spaces = fake spaces = wimps out of touch with reality. Thanks @dwinblood

Not so much out of touch. They are willfully ignorant. They are trying to pull a blanket over their heads to protect themselves from the monster. Something you learn to face as you grow up.

They are also cowards, and slaves to their fear.

A brave person still has fear. They just push forward anyway. That is what makes them brave or courageous.

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