If You Outlaw Knives, Then Only Oulaws Will Eat Steak!

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Talk about satire AYE???

In all seriousness The Mayor Of London does think knife control is the answer to all of the city's problems with rising violence.

I think these answers seem so ridiculous that it forces me to think there must be an alternative motive to these actions. I wish the people of London well and hope they do not think that people like Khan are on their side forever. It would almost be better if this really was a back door push to force vegetarianism on us, that would be outrageous be much less sad at least.



Sadist Khan, unlawful jijadist mayor of London stole the election from the London people.
Sadist Khan is a terrorist supporter and defender, thus himself a pervert terrorist.
Sadist Khan is an enemy combatant for his allegiance to ISIS and Islamic Terror.
ASDA, a popular supermarket chain in once great Britain, is pulling all single kitchen knives off the shelves. Knife crime prevention. Demonic insanity.
Are we banning all Toyota trucks because ISIS paraded around on them, committing horrendous crimes against humanity under Obama's satanic leadership?

No ban does anything to prevent anything.
However, holding Sadist Khan, Fascist Commie Chancellor Merkel and their ilk accountable, that will reduce crime by large margins.

Also note that Sadist Khan, Merkel and the rest of the self-elected/appointed Euro-Elite Trash have introduced laws that PENALIZE the very act of self-defense. The only legal means in Eurostan to defend oneself against crime is a 'rape alarm'.

These laws are a crime in and of itself. No Merkel Sozi, no Islamic Sadist, no one has the right to make laws preventing a human being to defend one's life, family, property.

Khan, May, Merkel and the rest of you demons, you have no authority nor lawful right to rule on behalf of anyone. Perhaps only Satan.

Seems like they're running out of time to do anything about it..

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It smells like vegan sjws are at it again. Trying to take away the peoples ability to cut meat! I guess stabbings was getting old they want more clubbings in london now!

If they propose banning sticks you better start looking out for rogue cricket teams I suppose. ;)

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Ban all rocks! If there are no rocks, no one will ever get stoned.

Can't get stoned, I don't know if I can support that plan. ;)

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