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Huh!? What's that noise?... IT'S JOHN CENAAAA!!!

Wait I'm not sure how this prevents robbery...

Some things just shouldn't be.

Geez the Dutch police are BRUTAL!

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I remember to that woman who was so happy to being arrested^, it's really crazy what some people wish for.

At least she didn't actually get shot by them lol

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LOL that is why I would not apply for a crypto debit card, they charge too much. @pwny
But in regular local debit card they charge more than 20 cents here but it is still a pain but way cheaper anyway.

I go through a credit union and they don't charge me anything!😊

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It was frustrating when you check your statement and find the deduction because you use the debit card more then the define limit. 😢

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Those darn withdrawal limits! We should call the police on them!

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