Pajeets are good holders lol


I created that meme in Feb. and things are playing out according to plan!

Good one :))

Nice meme, do you want to mine some Bitcoins in your internet browser? Then you can test this:

The steep crypto variations often get us stunned.

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Not bad, my friend :))

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I agree :)))

lmao hah

where the eskimos keep their bitcoins? In cold wallet :)

Haha, great one :))

Seriously tho, when $1T market cap!

That I ask myself every day, my friend! Best wishes @remouherek

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wow thats alot of money on bots!

Multiply this many times over and then, what is left in the rewards pool for everyone else?

Which you will only get if people are actually upvoting you... Nothing wrong with using vote bots.

yes i have mixed opinions on bots for the community but before hand i did not make money now i use bots i make money...

Any idea where I can finally learn HOW to use bots? For me it s still some kind of secret weapon... :D

use this transfer min bid at last 5mins making sure positive ROI!!!!! this is a must! add your link with transfer, good luck. message me if you need more help. otherwise search steemit there are loads of guides enjoy=]

I see most of them cost around 1-3 SBD, but can I choose which of my content gotta be up voted? Will it be once or for a period of time? Total bids seem to be others bidding with you for the upvote, so is it like mining where the smallest amount of bid gets upvote after all the big bids are done? Smaller the amount, the more you have to wait? And what about vote value, I pay some steem dollars and get an upvote worth some hundred bucks? It can't be that way...

Sorry, but for me it's all new... tried it on my own so far but now I think there's no chance without pay for upvote so... :(



hahaahaha, good one!




homeples ppl have soon BTC wallets :D

Sucks to be her😂😭

Indeed haha :)

Everyone I talk to about crypto just doesn't understand my enthusiasm for BTC. Im glad his wife even understands what they are used for! lol :D

You are a lucky man :))

Haha, not bad

It’s funny because it’s true. For the last 12 months more than 90% of people who claim to be interested only care about the price!

I totally agree :))


Where are you!?!?


Love it :)))

haha we do all love that feeling, upvoted

Nick's hair is a pretty good representation of the stress we go through. Lol

best meme bitcoin ever : 941.jpg

Good one

great post..good job bro/...

Thank you, bro!

Making $400 on a bs meme haha gota love steemit

Haha, true. But to be fair, I invested a significant amount into upvoting bots, so I'm not even sure if the post was really profitable yet.

Whatever works bro. 👍


Good one :))

You're very welcome


Good one, my friend :))


I agree :))

I’m purely in for fiat gains.

Sure why not :)) Best wishes @remouherek

Lol that's a good one! @remouherek


I love this one. hahaha

Haha, very good one :))

Good one :))

How's this one for you?

Good one :)))

Good one :))

You're welcome

Thats my show!

LOL They should make a I'm on Steemit For The Technology meme.

keep it hard cold CASH!

Haha, good one :))

Golden opportunity? I'd like to think it is!
Thanks for the free smile. I loved your post!

Thank you so much. Have a wonderful day!

Hello, can you vote for new people? thank you very much

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Lol, this is true hahaha

Totally agree with you :))

how to invest in bots and make money

Whether it's really profitable is not clear yet. But it sure is fun to use bots :)

Help me to level up

Sorry can't do the work for you. Post a lot, comment a lot, use That's the fastest way to level up!

Enjoying the memes, ha ha ha.

Thank you, me too hahaha :)

Lol totally.🤣🤣

I love this one because it is so true!! LOL

Up vote me thanks in advance

Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

Thank you. Follow me for more @remouherek

Hi!!!I am Md Ataujjaman Ripon..
Thank you so much for your post.
I have learnt many thing from your post.
Again thank you for teach me some important thing
..Please continue
I am with you

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I worked a little bit on this, so enjoy it :D . Let me explain, why i used „Polish National Bank" - A few months ago, NBP paid over 90 thousand zlotys to several Polish Youtubeurs: Marcin Dubiel, Wisnia and the Planeta Faktów - All this to make them record videos, where they disgust teenagers and adult to cryptocurrencies - You know, Pure State, Statist (or rather interventionist) propaganda. The biggest propaganda was Dubiel's Video: He basically created a short movie about a guy, who invest in Cryptocurrencies, and then he buy a Ferrari and some BIIIG House - And then, he somehow lose everything - Yes, he literally screams into the camera „I lost everything" .

In our country, the Prime Minister is the Millionaire who, knowing about cryptocurrencies (But not understanding them), gets angry because he can steal nothing from it in his pocket to reward himself and his colleagues for not doing anything. And he can't control steemit or any other site like that - And that's what makes him angry.

LITTLE EDIT: the meme is small - If you want to see it in full scale, click right mouse button and choose „Open photo in new tab" or something similar.

Bugs Meme.jpg