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I've been talking to @lemony-cricket today, and decided to make a Steem meme that fit the conversation. I then dutifully added it to my Steem meme folder (I'm German, I keep stuff organized!) and realized that a bunch of memes had accumulated there, so I guess I'll share them with you. The first two came into existence before I thought of using a meme creator instead of paint.

During each HF discussion, there's always the question...

Think of the Users.jpg

"What do I need to be able to post?!"

One Trillion Resource Credits.jpg

The problem with Steem based games


A classic from, the Goat of Shame

Goat of Shame.jpeg

This is self explanatory


When a newbie discovers that he can get STEEM POWER for cheap right now and excitedly spends $200



We need more people who realize that they can get SP cheap right now, instead of those who are waiting to be rich by playing Steem games.

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