Pro-Choice, but potential lost!

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I am a man and I could never tell a woman what to do with her body. When a life is growing inside another person, it’s impossible to understand the psychological and physical changes within.

I believe there is only one case in which abortion is an option; when the mothers own life is at risk.


The problem with abortion is that it snuffs out potential. We have dehumanized unborn children, and thus lower our minds and bodies to the lowest spiritual level.

Can you believe couples are willing to pay $50,000-$100,000 just to have a child? In vitro fertilization is not cheap. Surrogate mothers are not cheap! Couples want children, so why is North American society so quick to flush potential down the toilet! Yes I understand that certain circumstances may not be good for the mother or unborn child.

I am pro-choice, but that doesn’t mean you cannot make the right choice.


wow! powerful and true. As a woman I understand the challenges faced. If I am not careful with my body does it give me the right to destroy another life? great initiative. I wish I knew how to edit photos ;oP

there are simple meme editors on the net! ;)

too much work.. but i'm seriously considering it - lol ;oP

I'm guessing you are not computer savy lol!

EXTREMELY WELL SAID! So that's why people are trying so hard to "proof" that those are not lives... :(

We have dehumanized unborn children, and thus lower our minds and bodies to the lowest spiritual level.

Well said. What have we become as society? Who gave us the authority to decide if a child should live or die? Because of abortion the landscape of our future workforce, emotional state and spirituality is so compromised. Cultures and countries die when babies die. Thanks @bearbear613

She was adopted?! What amazing proof that not just one miracle is created by adopting, but a whole chain of them... B"H!~

Thanks so much for seeing what doesn't yet exist, and calling it forth in your meme.

Hi, @bearbear613,

Thanks. I appreciate your take on this. Good meme!



thank you sir! Good initiative

I wish people can stop being wicked and face the reality. What if my mother had aborted me? Will l be alive? Aborting a a child does not make you not a mother, it makes you the mother of an unborn child.

Well said! We have become an extremely selfish society that only looks inwards of MY RIGHT and MY CHOICE, rather than what is right morally. I just hate (sorry without a better word) the word "unwanted"... we seem to magnify ones' right more so than the others' (the baby inside).