MEME CHALLENGE #58 - ENTRY #1 The Donald cleans house!!!

I hope you are all getting ready

for things you will see

as the swamp gets drained!

It's not going to be pretty!




ouzo and out,


Time will show what he can do and what not..Till then we can all lay down, grab a popcorn and see what's about to come haha

Round and round and round it goes.
Where it stops - nobody knows!

my sense of humor has gone so low that i find this funny lol... hahahahaha :p

Don't give up. Recovery is possible. Think wonderful, beautiful thoughts and up you will go :-)

man is, ohh sorry i shouldn't call him man,most overdressed plumber ever, perhaps an ironic reflection on his ability to "drain the swamp."

Which means there's NO telling what might show up. Maybe some of those things that live under the fridge, and now have lives of their own...

Seriously though, maybe some of all those lost single socks will finally reappear....

Maybe even one or two of mine! Oh no!

You know about politicians!

A cool meme! Hope you can win the round!


Trump CAN and I personally believe WILL EVENTUALLY take determining action to change the "culture" of Washington politics, by ensuring that public officials, bankers, corrupt politicians, media moguls etc. live under the same laws as the rest of us, "commoners."

It's time for the "distant federal government" to abandon their mount Olympus and see how it is being an everyday human.

Cool meme by the way! Good luck with the contest and sorry for being too political and serious about it ;)

Donald approves your meme LOL

Have you been borrowing your sister's rose colored glasses?

Best of luck with the contest!!!!
As you see I wear my dark
sunglasses 😎 especially for you today lol

Bwhahahahaha! I made the HUGE mistake to purchase my new pair of glasses from the same eyeglasses store she buys her pink glasses :P

Some men never learn :-)

I am here with my sunbathing chair and glass of sparkling French wine waiting to watch this epic draining of the swamp. 😃
This meme made my day @onceuponatime . Thanks for sharing it

Who knows what one can expect from the Donald anymore? Lol

Lord knows!

I was hoping Lord Vader knew as well :P

Lol congrats i think you will win

You obviously have excellent taste!

As a photographer i should notice and care about the great things like your post they called that the artistic eye and i have one

Yes of course but you are better than me 😉

Time will tell. In the meantime let's just enjoy the great gift of memes the god emperor has generously bestowed to us.


As my mother used to say: "Thank the Lord for small mercies".

Glad you edited this cause I somehow missed it. This is probably one of the most important values that should be passed from parents to children :)

Trump Draining The Swamp, NOT!

You've been watching television?

Does Donal Trump mean this literally or was this an implied starltement ?

Could be a figure of speech anyways...What do I know?

I guess we will have to wait for his speech writer to write a tell all book :-)

Am I allowed to feel sorry for you?

Oh please take it away. My eyes, my eyes-- they burn.

It’s like trying to sell swamp land in Florida. You can drain it, you can make it pretty. IT WILL STILL RAIN and you will still have a swamp at end of the day.

You've been reading ahead of the rest of the class!

Bull's eye to discover Trump in this new avtar :)

You have a great sense of humour, love it @onceuponatime!

Still waiting...


Once he is done draining that swamp, maybe he will head over here and take care of business LOL.

Ah, the only creatures on steemit are kittens and puppies. They live on billowing white fluufy clouds, not in a swamp!

trump about to lose the next elections the swamp will be all over him

You got some inside information that there is going to be a "next elections"? LOL

Actually I probably pay a lot more attention than you think. It is within the realm of possibility that I may not be as naive as you seem to assume. Carry on :-)

It is a great meme..😀
if he will succeed it..after what will happen?
will he create his own swamp?
Good morning..

Do you create your own swamp?

No.. i can not create my own swamp because i am not a politician.. but if I would be a politician yes I would like to clean it..

Swamp = not my politicians,politicians from other parties..and that means not power..😀😀😀

I thought there were swamps in all spheres of life, not just politics. Business, religion, clubs, associations, school, families.... and even inside of ourselves. But maybe I'm wrong.

I think there is also a slogan with the swamp and the Trump in America...
That's why I thought you created this very good and clever meme..
Have a nice day!!

then how would donald quack in between huhhh

You quack me up!!!!!!!

time for swamp control for trump administration hahah loved this meme

Yes, it was fun.

Great minds always knew something great comes after a lot of silence

And you are one of the last of the great minds? :-)

I can not stop laughing at those swamp memes. You actually picked out one of my favorite ones :D

we are going to see some creepy stuff things will get worse before they get better thanks for sharing

Not if we keep our eyes closed!

@oneuponatime, Best meme creations. Sure...You'll win meme challenge definitely.

With supporters like you, the sky is the limit!

Yeah exactly. Also your support highly appreciated.

I think it's very similar ,,, It's really funny ،،، thanks u for sharing ,,, u r cool man .

Good luck my dear friend @onceuponatime 👍👍😉

The likeness is remarkable!

Now maybe we can see what comes out of the swamp.......

Be careful what you wish for!

perfect & captivating!

well an amaizing meme but he cannot clean home he only clean the humanity on earth and ready to burn world with his only one thinking when he dont care any one his beloved and his enemies

It's not that easy to drain the swamp with bare hands!
It's a very tedious work. What an incredible man he is!

He can afford to hire other people to do the dirty work for him :-)

Haha you always have a ready made answer and i totally enjoy your sense of humour. You deserve an honorary award don't you think so?

Yes, I think I am great too :-)

You think? No...i know you are great. Hahahaha. Yes, you are great and if you wish to run for presidency, i would campaign for you for free. What a way to end my night. Thank you so much sir.

hahah nice to see this wonderfull meme and how he would be draining the swamp @onceuponatime???
some time i really think that how a president show his behavior like a kid ,whats your reviews about him ?

One should never discuss politics or religion in polite company :-)

Hahahahahahahhahaha epic! Be nice sir. What else could beat this? Up for the win. Yaaaay!

😊😊😊😊 you really have a high sense of humour. Infect me with it please. Haha

It's a very interesting idea about draining...
I just really hope he won't sink there because I'm not sure if he still remembers how to swim.

If he ever even knew :-)

hahaha what will he think when he will know about his memes an imagination of super power president's

Well said indeed!

What a glorious idea of trump draining sir. Too hilarious one... Lol :D

I knew that a great mind like yours would appreciate it!

Nice one @onceuponatime! But let's see will he drain the swamp or will the swamp drain him.

Who you betting on?

That is a hard one now, I am thinking how many did achieve to drain the swamp, doesn't the swamp always win?

No, there have been repeated ice ages.

That's true I can't argue with that, but that was years ago, also a frozen swamp is still a swamp.

realy nice post.Excellent move. I always see your post and follow you dear.
good job.

Very nice of you.

Trump has instructed the White House cleaning staff not to touch his things..

And people think he's stupid! LOL

Not everyone is able to sit in the marsh to his throat and smile. Some can not help but get out of their hands, trying to get out, even if it sinks altogether.

I'm pretty sure I would agree with you if I understood what you were saying :-)

Hahahaha @twiceuponatime where are you? Haha. @onceuponatime is killing it. I am actually going through your replies to have a good laugh tonight and you never disappoint.

Not everyone is able to sit in the marsh to the throat and smile. :)))

Oh @onceuponatime, I like your meme so much!
Thanks for sharing such amazing meme!

I hope not !

How is Trump ? I don't know him lol

Let's #draintheswamp so we can fill it with Russian crude and fryer oil!

Great idea about draining.

I have no right to judge your prizendenta, but following the news in the world, I understand that most Americans are not happy with their przident....

What is the secret of this absence, sir?

looks like a deadly sin

Now he will not get votes next time around he better be watching that lol

Upvote anda resteem yes @onceuponatime


nice post.realy good job.

jajajaja this cracked me up look at that face

Hahaa! So funny "draining the swamp" indeed

before that, he's draining the secret service first.

No worries we have trump mansion for that ;)

Time is the greatest teller, we can't assume anything,
Give time a little bit time,
This is what we can do.

Am here with my popcorn eargerly waiting to see this epic draining

Am not going no where..this memes gives me excess joy @onceuponatime

Trump will return us all to the glorious Mesozoic era.

hahahh trump will love seeing it :)

lol! Awesome!

How funny.... now its time to see what would be the next 😷😷

now beware trump you have taken wrong decisions lol hahahah

Trump will say that it is photoshoped. Only haters can now know the truth.

Hahaha nice one

I wish you good luck with the contest! You made my day ;)

Posts that attract friends, success always make you friends ..

AKU di sini dengan kursi berjemur dan segelas anggur Perancis berkilauan yang menunggu untuk menyaksikan penguapan epik di rawa ini. 😃
meme ini membuat hariku @onceonatime . Terima kasih telah membagikannya

I just love this one! I'm not sure how this poor sloth ended up in the swamp to begin with though. Thanks for making me laugh today.

Hahaha nice entry , best wishes for meme contest

I would be more confident of your "best wishes" if you had upvoted the post LOL

Hahaha sorry for it, I forget to upvoted , but know done

And putin be like after that ;p


I'm not too knowledgeable in Washington politics.

Can you brief me @onceuponatime so I can enjoy the meme?


That's OK. I don't mind if you stay unknowledgeable. It's your life.

You are Unbelievable! 😂😂😂😂😂

He didn't even upvote my post, but he wants me to spend my time briefing him?

Thanks anyway 👌

Dream time when his sleep. :D

Its on the list, right after the wall

well this is wanderful .. i am here couse i need a bit of help if you could help me out . sp

Very successful comparison. They are like two drops of water :)

Очень удачное сравнения. Похожи как две капли воды:)

Those are the creepiest, weirdest animals. It tickles my stomach in the most bizarre way whenever I see one - unlike anything else. maybe the right image?

I am really optimistic. I hope to see change, but it seems like nothing really happens. Everytime they dig deeper on Trump they dig up more bad for the other side. Then nothing actually happens. They keep digging but no one gets held accountable. I think it is more about term limits. If we could get term limits there may be no swamp.

Please don't do this. This is spamming and can get your ass flagged to zero.

Your reputation is 58 so atleast you have been here for a while so I expect you to know that this is wrong


Which means there's NO telling what might show up. Maybe some of those things that live under the fridge, and now have lives of their own...

Seriously though, maybe some of all those lost single socks will finally reappear....

[-]denmarkguy (68) · yesterday
Which means there's NO telling what might show up. Maybe some of those things that live under the fridge, and now have lives of their own...

Seriously though, maybe some of all those lost single socks will finally reappear....

i loved your words that is why i used it and all you can do is flag me just because of a comment. i even followed you

you flagged me because of this!!! for no reason, you must be wicked to hell with you bro.

Not for no reason. You copied someone else's words (in the top comment on my post) and pasted them as your own. That is plagiarism and is highly frowned upon in steemit.

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