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RE: MEME CHALLENGE #58 - ENTRY #1 The Donald cleans house!!!

in #memechallenge4 years ago (edited)

Trump CAN and I personally believe WILL EVENTUALLY take determining action to change the "culture" of Washington politics, by ensuring that public officials, bankers, corrupt politicians, media moguls etc. live under the same laws as the rest of us, "commoners."

It's time for the "distant federal government" to abandon their mount Olympus and see how it is being an everyday human.

Cool meme by the way! Good luck with the contest and sorry for being too political and serious about it ;)

Donald approves your meme LOL


Have you been borrowing your sister's rose colored glasses?

Best of luck with the contest!!!!
As you see I wear my dark
sunglasses 😎 especially for you today lol

Bwhahahahaha! I made the HUGE mistake to purchase my new pair of glasses from the same eyeglasses store she buys her pink glasses :P

Some men never learn :-)

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