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RE: Some thoughts about life, steemit and memehub

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THANKS FOR BEING PART OF THE COMMUNITY! I know you prob dont see a lot of changes happening on the front end of the platform but there is a lot going on in the background. We are working vigorously to get the steem code live. I will put out another update video once we are live on steem. I was hoping we would have this done sooner but theres been hang ups here and there that ate up time. Plus HF21 coming up might affect the steem code we do got so we are also trying prepare for that as well.


Dear @memehub I understand your commitment to the project. As they say non è stata rome in un giorno
Rome was not built in a day. It takes time to move a mountain but once it starts moving ...
It gathers both speed and momentum.
I both appreciate and support the efforts you are putting in . Let me know if you need any help in beta testing or bug tracking or anything for that matter.
Meanwhile I would keep doing my part and supporting the project in every way I can
good luck to you & the project.